The life of a working, touring rock musician is not always what you see. It is not always as lavish as Motley Crue, or as wild as the heyday of AC/DC. I was honored when front man Cody Perryman, of Texas Metal band, Stoned Naked decided to give us a glimpse into the day and life of a hard working, Rock musician. I have been even more honored to have Cody join me on 106.6 The Blast, on our new show The Doom Saloon.


The seasons are in full change and the sun is starting to make a regular appearance.  Its life-giving rays and more hours of light I am very thankful for.  That means there’s more time to skateboard and spend outside with my boys.  Spring brings new life and you can feel it all around.  Beer will go down even smoother, your favorite plant will start to flower if you grow outdoors, and clothes come off.  What’s not to love?  As the natural order goes, all living beings will start to become more adventurous and outgoing.  While I do love the seclusion winter brings, the adventures of spring and summer are a very joyous occasion.  For musicians it usually means it’s time to bring new material to the masses.  Clubs wind down towards Christmas and New Year, and we go into seclusion for work and introspection.  At least that’s the way it normally goes for me.  Which means it’s time to let the new ideas and styles of my playing come to light.


It’s also April, which means Germanfest time here.  This year I will be playing the main stage Saturday night 4/27 at 11:30 with Jerrod Flusche.  Muenster is where I went to school, sort of my hometown, but I’ve never played the big fest.  I haven’t even been to Germanfest in 15 plus years.  It’s not a metal show you know.  It will be nice to play the festival that was such a huge deal growing up.  I’m sure some of you have heard of it.  People come from all over, even other countries to partake in the party and consume copious amounts of beer, sausage, and kraut.  Jerrod and I will be joined by Scott on bass.  Now I get to work with him in both bands.  Great players and great songs are sure to make for an amazing show.  I for one am excited to see how people like my style of country guitar playing.  It won’t be like any you’ve ever heard I promise that.  For Jerrod’s music I have found that I like to play finger style and highlight melodies to add color to the songs.  It’s quite different than my normal heavy handed, groove oriented playing.  My guitar transforms from a battle axe to a paint brush for his music.  Which has been an eye opener and taught me new ways to look at the art of playing guitar.  I’ve dropped all the pedals and guitar synths I’ve been using for years and gone the opposite way.  Just a guitar plugged directly in to an old tube amp.  If I want effects, I am forced to create them with my fingers.  That’s one of the things that has bled over into Stoned Naked.  Simplicity, what a novel idea.  It has made playing a bit harder.  No more stomping on noise boxes to cover imperfect playing.  No more, I have this idea and now I’m tied to this device to make it happen.  As long as I have a guitar, I’m good to go.  While that has made playing harder, it has made me a better player and it makes the equipment side easier.


Everything is looking up for Stoned Naked as well.  Scott is healing up nicely and playing again, and Bodie is getting moved in to his new home.  We will be meeting soon to go over everything.  Bodie thinks he may have a bass player for us, and if that’s the case then Scott will come back on guitar duty.  It’s nice having someone that is talented enough to cover whatever we need.  I would really like to see us working on guitar harmonies a la Thin Lizzy.  One thing is for sure, Stoned Naked is taking a turn, and I believe you all will be very happy with what we are going to bring you.  It will be dark, heavy, bluesy, and melodic!  First, I’m sure we will get to work rehearsing so we can get out there and let you all hear.  Second, we will most likely go into the studio and get you all some songs from the new line up to enjoy daily.  It’s been a while since we tracked the demo, and I am looking forward to getting into the studio again.  I know Bodie is leaning toward taking it to a big studio, which is something I haven’t done in a long time.  I’ve spent the last decade or so learning to engineer and produce our music.  Not that I haven’t taken any of it to big studios for mixing and mastering, but all the initial tracking has been done at my place, Stella Rose Studio.  It will be nice to go into a studio and spend my time concentrating on my performances and not everything else.  It’ll be really nice to track without running the console too.  I’ll be able to work and sit back and learn more about something I am very passionate about.  There is a real art to the recording studio, and I have plenty of room to grow and learn.  As a matter of fact, Bodie is going to take over managing Stoned Naked.  While it is hard to let go of the reigns, it will do me good.  It will allow me to concentrate more on my playing and performance.  Give me a much needed, chance to connect with music spiritually again.  It has always been a spiritual experience for me, but when you are in charge of everything, booking, writing, recording, merch, etcetera you don’t have the energy or focus left for really connecting.  It’ll be different for sure, but I believe it will help project me to another level musically.  Allow me to reach into the other side, hidden worlds, and drag them into ours.  Like Lovecraft so masterfully demonstrated!


doom saloon.jpg

I also got to record the first show with Kristin for the Doom Saloon.  I had the opportunity to talk with the guys in Satan’s Dealer, Starr from Serpent Witch, and the mighty Dave Sherman of Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed, Weed is Weed, and of course Earthride.  Just to name a few of his projects over the years.  Satan’s Dealer and Serpent Witch both have a new album coming this year so be looking out for those.  Dave also has a new project coming our way this year called Galactic Cross!  Recording the radio show was an amazing experience.  It was really cool to not just interview, but also bullshit with musicians I enjoy and have never had the opportunity to meet.  The Doom Saloon will air the first show 4/20 at 9 p.m. central on 106.6 The Blast.  Tune in, crank it up, and enjoy some great doom, stoner, and desert rock every Saturday night starting then.  So, if you need more of me before the next blog, come catch me at Germanfest, hit Bodie or myself up for anything Stoned Naked, and tune into The Doom Saloon.  Love y’all, peace!!!