The life of a working, touring rock musician is not always what you see. It is not always as lavish as Motley Crue, or as wild as the heyday of AC/DC. I was honored when front man Cody Perryman, of Texas Metal band, Stoned Naked decided to give us a glimpse into the day and life of a hard working, Rock musician. I have been even more honored to have Cody join me on 106.6 The Blast, on our new show The Doom Saloon.


What a cool and interesting year it has been already! A lot of things have changed and there has been

quite the load of ups and downs. Change is in the air and I can feel it! Last month I played Germanfest,

in Muenster where I went to school. I hadn’t been to the fest in over 15 years. I most say they really

have done a good job with the new facilities. The stage was great, and the crowd was good and warmed

up for us after they watched Flatland Calvary. The crowd gave us a warm welcome and we left it on the

stage for them. I really enjoyed myself. My youngest son got to go to the show, and it was really cool to

see his face light up when we walked out from backstage and he saw all the people in the audience. I

think he might be hooked. He certainly has the pipes for it! Since that show we’ve been working on the

new Jerrod Flusche album, High Cotton. It should be out sometime next month, so be looking for that.

On the heavy side of things, all hasn’t panned out as we wished. Bodie had to bow out before we even

got a start. Which is certainly a shame. I had looked forward to working with him on a regular basis.

However, family first has always been part of Stoned Naked. It is our job to provide and we wish him

the best! It’s also hay season again. So, in my household it’s a really busy season. Good thing I married

a woman that grew up working cows and can cut, bale, and stack hay. She takes a lot of the load off of

me and that allows me to put the energy in music. Where it belongs.

So, the hunt for a new drummer is on. I’ve even heard from good ol’ Cowboy! I would really love to be

playing with Scott Lytle again. He gave me my first shot at a real band. He’s the one that found my flyer

looking for a band and brought me in for an audition with Texas Hippie Coalition. Which led to some of

my happiest years musically. It was usually Cowboy and I that set together after rehearsal, smoking,

drinking beer, listening to country music, and just shooting the shit. He was always blunt, and you never

had to worry about what he was thinking. He would let you know. Truly out of all the people I’ve ever

played with no one ever had the southern metal swing that Cowboy did. He’s the original red dirt metal

drummer and I don’t believe anyone will ever top him in that style. Sure, guys may be as good

technically, but he has a swing that’s natural from his love of country music. You don’t see that in heavy

metal. But, if that’s the way it pans out has yet to be seen. Another contender is Paul Lee out of

Ardmore, Ok. Paul was the drummer for Las Vegas punk band 2 Cents Worth, back in the day. They

played along side many great punk bands including Pennywise. He’s a monster on the kit. Plus, it does

seem coincidental that our original drummer, Bill, was a punk guy out of Ardmore.

I had a bit of anxiety over who I would choose if it came down to it. My wife, in all her wisdom, told me

fuck it don’t worry about it. Whoever shows up is who wants it. Like I said, I love ol’ Cowboy, and have

wanted to make music with him since I left Texas Hippie Coalition. I had hoped for that scenario to pan

out long before now and it never did. I know he played for various country artist since. He even played

for Tom McElvain, after I did. However, I’m done waiting and want someone in there that really wants

it. Plus, Paul is a really cool dude too. It could be that Cowboy comes in kills it and says this is his

throne. It could be Paul that conquers it. Then again it maybe someone that I have yet to even meet.

It’ll be interesting to see how the path unfolds. The Universe does love to play and knows I’m a willing

participant, so you never know!

posieden 2.jpg

I’ve also started writing for the new Stoned Naked album. As with all our albums it won’t just be

another album like the last. I like to grow and morph as the years go on. What’s the point of making the

same album over and over again? Along with the new songs the band will be working up some of the

songs from the last two albums. I may even pull some out of the Fire In the Sky days. Who knows, only

time will tell. The truth is we never really know where we are headed. We never truly know what is in

store for us. The best we can do is what we love. Follow our heart and do what makes us smile. Then

tomorrow doesn’t matter. Only today matters when you are living in the moment. That is a hard thing

to remember. Most of our time is spent in agonizing torment over what may happen, or what did

happen. When we know yesterday don’t mean shit, and tomorrow may never come. I know I enjoy

writing the music. I know I enjoy practicing the songs, recording the songs, and I love performing the

songs. What more do I really need to know? Stoned Naked may not be packing coliseums, but I bet I

enjoy our music more than some people who are packing them. My biggest point of anxiousness truly

comes from a desire to be out there playing. After we released the last album, we had just got out there

and going when we lost members. That shut us down for a while. In the old days I would have just put

the project to rest and moved on to a new one. However, Stoned Naked hasn’t felt like any of the other

bands I’ve ever fronted. It’s permanent. For whatever reason I have felt like it was home and what I

was always looking for in music, from the beginning. I plan on pushing this one all the way to the end.

No matter what incarnation Stoned Naked takes on, rest assured I will be at the core. Getting it out

there for all of you is my main desire. Like I’ve said before you never know how the universe is going to

unfold. It may be an album first, but I sure do look forward to being out there sweating with you all in

club and laying the grooves on thick for you. So, if you know anyone you think has the chops and would

fit the bill, send them my way! A longer list of dedicated musicians, that love and make music in the

rhythm of the night would be great. I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!