The life of a working, touring rock musician is not always what you see. It is not always as lavish as Motley Crue, or as wild as the heyday of AC/DC. I was honored when front man Cody Perryman, of Texas Metal band, Stoned Naked decided to give us a glimpse into the day and life of a hard working, Rock musician. This is the first of a monthly segment Perryman will feature exclusively for Outlaw Review.  


As March roles in the swing of the pendulum is ever so apparent.  One of the Universal Laws, of which none can be ignored.  Ignored or not, they are always in place and never fail!  More commonly known as the Law of Rhythm.  “Everything flows, out and in; everything has it’s tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”-The Kybalion.  The start of the year was a wonderful one, with the beginning of this blog, welcoming Scott back to Stoned Naked, and the help of Kristin and Alon spreading the word of Stoned Naked and even doing an interview with yours truly on the River Bottom Radio Show at 106.6 The Blast.  Things were rocking and rolling with Stoned Naked. But, when a season of joy is upon you, the news will be carried in the wind to the other side to be devoured by howling jackals.  Always remember, these jackals are your true friends in this world. They spit forth the flames that forge you into steel. 


In the past month we have broken something on all three farm trucks and had to replace the main pulley behind the fan that drives the alternator on our loader tractor.  Rest assured John Deere leaves plenty of room to get in there and work.  I often wonder why mechanic work always seems to come along in the cold.  Better than the summer when you don’t really have time to work on equipment I suppose, but it’s cold!  Then came the loss to Stoned Naked.  Our brother, and founding member, Bill Bell got a new job.  His new job takes him back up north to Michigan.  It’s a great opportunity for him and puts him much closer to his family.  Bill is originally from Pennsylvania.  From the beginning of Stoned Naked it has always been him and I at the core.  We started out completely DIY.  In the early days we even made our own merch.  Bill and his wife Ariel screen printed all our t-shirts.  We all had a hand in cutting, shaping, and painting the first run of Stoned Naked skateboards.  My oldest son Diesel even helped us create that run of decks.  We even had a run of Stoned Naked BBQ sauce and salsa made by Ariel and my lovely wife Kari.  I first met Bill at a skatepark.  His introduction was “So what’s up?  I mean you’re the only other old fucker out here!”.  Most people don’t talk to me that way.  Especially right off the bat.  I knew immediately, this dudes alright.  Turns out he is one of the best people you could ever meet.  Hard working, determined, and his word is as good as gold.  If he says it’s happening, then you can take it to the bank.  He’s been a great friend and honestly a brother for years now.  He’s one person I always know I can count on.  Hell, he even learned to play the drums just to jam with me.  That’s when Stoned Naked was formed.  The name and even the logo are his.  The logo is his actual handwriting.  When he let me know they had decided to move, he told me he wanted me to keep Stoned Naked alive.  To push it all the way to the end.  He may not be the drummer any longer, but his heart is still at the core of Stoned Naked!  The universe opens doors and unfolds just for each and every-one of us. Rather we see it and appreciate it or not.  I’ve made the mistake of letting unseen events take the breath from me too many times.  Stoned Naked is a powerful entity and growing more so day after day.  I have no idea where it’s headed, and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.  I love what I do.  I love the music I make.  My heart is fully engaged in it, it’s pure, and unfiltered.


During the interview with the River Bottom Radio Show, Alon asked what was ahead.  I promised a surprise, and though it’s not a tour as Alon was hoping, it’s certain to head that direction.  So, with that, Stoned Naked would like to introduce our new drummer Bodie Martin!  Some of you I am certain already know Bodie from 3Eighty3 or even his father Art, more affectionately known as The Lord of the Hippies.  I had not seen Bodie in many years and ran across him on the net.  We got to talking and decided to get together and jam.  As fate would have it, he was a perfect fit.  Like he already knew where I was going with the next riff.  We have a lot of the same influences and just flow well together.  Plus, Bodie is a family man, like me, and it certainly makes things a lot easier when you are all on the same page there.  We are certainly lucky to have him come on board right when Bill has too leave.  He’s a hell of a drummer and a very cool and chill addition to the band.  We are really looking forward to bringing you all the new Stoned Naked.  Bodie will change things up, and I am sure everyone of you will enjoy what he has to offer!


Then we ran into the next road bump.  Just a small one.  Scott cut the tip of his index finger off at work!  Luckily, it’s not his fretting hand, and he is sure he can just hold the pick differently and all will be good.  Of his ability to make it happen, I have no doubt.  Although it does set us back a bit more.  Bands, like life, are a rollercoaster.  Oddly enough though these changes can sometimes propel you into a new area.  Open your eyes to things before unseen.  Like it or not turmoil is a driving force.  While it seems to be chaos, I like to think of it as entropy.  At least what I believe entropy to be.  I believe what scientist call entropy to simply be a design that we just haven’t been able to yet comprehend.  By looking at the unknown as an opportunity instead of a road block, doors to all kinds of possibilities open.  While I hate seeing a brother leave, I must look to the future and honor his wishes.  The only set goal Stoned Naked ever had was doing what we do for love.  I love to play, be it practice, rehearsal, or live, I love to play!  This all leaves me teetering between anxiety/insecurity and peace of mind knowing I can always do what I love no matter what.  No matter how much I’ve learned to not put pressure on succeeding in music, the desire to get out there and make my music heard around the world still burns. The desire can be used as fuel for the fire, but it can extinguish the flame if not careful.  The desire to make the music is a must, if it is ever to be a reality.  However, nervously awaiting something to happen only takes energy from the cosmic magick.  “Pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is everyway perfect!”-Liber Al vel Legis.  I suppose life, like the previous sentence, is ambiguous in nature.  No matter if it’s lows or highs it’s always open to more than one interpretation. 


Like I said before, we make hard rock, the purist form of music, and the only music made in the rhythm of the night!  The pendulum may have swung, but it’s now in my natural habitat, the dark.  I always loved the night.  True magick is made here.  My mind has always been absolutely amazed by and in complete wonderment of the unknown and unseen.  Truth always hides where we don’t want to look.  This illusory world holds much excitement and distraction from what truly is.  That’s why I like to sit back and take a peek into nothingness from time to time.  To keep a hold on what’s real.  So, for Stoned Naked it’s time to breath and let the ebb do its job, while we do ours and prepare for the flow.  No slowing down this time.  No getting knocked to our knees.  Just a season in the abyss.  In the mean time we’ll build a fire and do our witches dance around and through the flames.  Become the very devouring jackals that will spit forth the forging flames.  Howl at the moon and make love to the divine feminine, the true womb of all creation.  It will be joyous occasion to step on stage with the new Stoned Naked.  Pay homage to our roots and expand our consciousness into the future.  From the dark we dream in light, and what a ride we have ahead!