When asked to review Dee Snider's solo album "For the Love of Metal", I had to stop banging my head and shaking my fist long enough to put pen to paper.  Brothers and sisters of Outlaw Review nation prepare to throw your horns in the air and bang your head for the entire album. Once this CD starts playing (yes, I still buy CD's) you feel the powerful rhythmic grooves and the proclamation that "Lies are a business" and you know that it's sang with the classic Dee sneer!


Recently I heard an interview with Dee where he said that Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed had approached him about recording a solo album.  His reply was he would do it on the condition that someone write the lyrics and music for the album.  Dee's reasoning was his mothers health was failing and he wanted as much time with her as possible.  The album is dedicated to the memory of his mother, Margeurite A. Snider who passed during the recording process. Rest in peace Mama Snider.  Jamey along with Charlie and Nicky Bellmore and a few others wrote all the lyrics and music.  In fact they wrote songs that are a perfect fit for Dee.  Charlie played guitars and bass in the studio with his brother Nicky handling the drumming.  Jamey produced the album.  Dee's voice is as powerful as it was on your favorite Twisted Sister songs.  His vocals are a ferocious instrument added to the brilliant playing by the Bellmore brothers.


Narrowing down songs to highlight for the review turned out be quite difficult.  Guest appearances by Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones on "The Hardest Way" and Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz on "Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)" are powerful duets.  My favorite track on the album is "Tomorrow's No Concern".  It opens with a bass line that makes me want to jump up and bang my head while playing air bass.  Dee enters over this screaming "I gave you yesterday, Tomorrow's no concern I gave you yesterday; you can keep it Because today is mine!", with a classic metal guitar riff blazing along.  This song speaks to me on many levels, as day to day life pulls you from family time and time for yourself and time as we all know is an extremely limited resource.  Track number 5 "Roll Over You" oozes metal attitude and defiance throughout, ending with a great Dee scream of a phrase we've all screamed at one time or another in our lives.  Lyrics from the song "I'm Ready", "Death leaves a sorrow no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal" ring true and are beautifully worded.  The final track of the album is also the title track, "For the Love of Metal".  The song finishes the album strong, with great guitar riffs and lyrics using the titles of some of metal's classic songs like "Under the Blade", "South of Heaven", and "Born to Raise Hell".


Dee Snider's "For the Love of Metal" raises a middle finger to all those that say metal is dead.  The band is superb throughout the album and Dee is still one of the best vocalists in the game.  "For the Love of Metal" will have your horns up for 41 minutes and 28 seconds.

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