Brothers and Sisters of Outlaw Review Nation, I'M BACK Y'ALL! I've crawled out of the outlaw cave at Buzzard Flop Acres to talk about an outlaw band from my home state of Oklahoma. Let me give you some insight about the author, "I LOVE shotguns, and being a preachers kid I damn sure love rebellion!" So when the name Shotgun Rebellion came to me through the modern day pony express that there was a bounty on three music videos for them, I made sure I had enough ammo and set out on the trail.

Shotgun Rebellion entered my musical world with a bang sharing the stage in April and June with two of my favorite bands and had our horns in the air and heads banging! All barrels fire when these Outlaw Gentleman pickup their musical weapon of choice and pull the trigger. Shotgun Rebellion hails from Ada, Oklahoma and the lineup consist of Rick Warhorse Davis commanding the vocals and guitars, Steve Parnell on lead guitars, Randy Johns on bass, and last but not least the man pounding the skins Johni Walker. Each of these outlaws wields their weapon with swagger and precision.

The first video I pulled the trigger on was "Train of Pain" directed by Mark Williams and mixed and mastered by John Cheadle. I got a question for you the loyal follower, what's more outlaw rock and roll than your front man pulling up in a Hummer and smacking some tail on the way to his partying band in the back room? NOTHING! You can feel the pain carried by Rick Warhorse Davis as he makes his way through the house, and you know the hurricane is near. As he shoots pool with a joker, grabs some smoke and a drink, and gets jacked playing poker with a knucklehead who doesn't make it far. They never do. The live portions of the video featured a rowdy outlaw crowd including yours truly lurking in the back shadows. The live shots were extremely well shot in a fairly dark venue and captures the rebellious rowdiness of Shotgun Rebellion and their fans. Many a time I have been on the warpath only to be stopped dead in my tracks by tasty munchies. Sometimes when the pains and hurricanes of life get to much laughter and a handful of ass make everything better. I love the comedic escape through the rehearsing band and then ensuing mocking of the knucklehead. "Train of Pain" gives you a visual and musical story that had my attention from beginning to end. I rode the "Train of Pain" with Shotgun Rebellion and I want to do it again! Get your tickets and get on the train!!

Another pull of the trigger gave me "Outlaw Ways". This songs feels like it comes directly from the soul of Shotgun Rebellion. I've heard it said that with good music you will be able to not only hear the music, but feel the music. If your reading this I probably don't have to elaborate further on that. You can feel, hear, and see their "Outlaw Ways" in this video so much that I got an itching for an old west showdown of my own. The band steps off the tour bus with one of the coolest skull graphics I've seen into an outlaw time warp complete with law dogs and mean looking hombres. With a background reminiscent of Dodge City or Tombstone, Arizona you can feel the "Outlaw Ways" that will unfold in the next few minutes. Before I continue I want to personally thank the guys in Shotgun Rebellion! Why you ask. Because someone finally pays tribute to the legendary Possum, in my humble opinion the King of Outlaw Crooners. Thank you gentleman! With guns drawn and the action escalating in time with the hard charging music Steve Parnell steps into the dusty streets and fires the first shots of the gun fight with rapid fire fretwork, got dangit boys I can feel my face sliding off from the heat. When the dust settles it's a jailbreak on American Steel Horses transporting them back to the present and the Diamond Ballroom, where Shotgun Rebellion is holding their rowdy fans for ransom with a live show that must be seen. Sometimes when I watch music videos or any kind of video for that matter, that deals with time periods you can usually find something that doesn't belong. I do not want to see a Glock or modern shotgun being carried by old west outlaws. The guns and clothing were all time period relevant which makes it easier to immerse yourself in the video and enjoy it. The video is shot so that you have a chance to observe both the music and the action and not be overwhelmed by either. An excellent job of timing music to video that flows so easily it's hard to believe 4 minutes and 21 seconds have passed. This redneck outlaw cannot find the repeat button fast enough!!

Ladies, I'm going to give a disclaimer real quick, not everything that comes out of the mouth of the author is endorsed or sanctioned by Outlaw Review and the expressed views of the loud mouthed writer are his and only his. With that being said I've got a couple of reasons (you'll get that when you watch) why I waited to review "Devil's Daughter" featuring Jesse Jane. #1 We've all been sitting in clubs, venues, you name the location and in walks the "Devil's Daughter". You know, the ones that cause jaws to drop and drool to flow, single men start gravitating to them not even realizing it. Married men are told "would you look at that", yes honey for you I will force myself to look! I forgot what my second reason was, because the video started and cleavage materialized out of darkness, what was it I was supposed to be doing again. OH YES, I remember now, ladies calm down you were staring too. I had trouble at times focusing on the video, because I can't stop banging my head! Wait she's giving the old guy (no offense) a lap dance, good for you hoss! I love seeing The band dressed in choir robes and in the church, my mama maybe not so much, but as Mr. Paycheck said I'm the only hell my mama ever raised. This is great visual representation of us as men we are all hardcore until that one woman walks in and then we turn into choir boys and not quite up to the task. Okay your probably thinking maybe for you buddy, but not me. HA! Answer honestly who doesn't like seeing a woman lap dancing? If you just said no, LIAR! Every shot of her dancing there is no question she is the "Devil's Daughter" and he is putty in her hand. The whole video is professional excellence from the production and directing to the performance of the band, the preacher man, and Jesse Jane. The director Clark Deal and 3130 Studios did a fantastic job of bringing one of the best southern metal songs to life and capturing it with the energy that is Shotgun Rebellion. It is a visually stimulating video in more than one way....... what you thought I was done. Are you kidding me this is rock and roll there's supposed to be cleavage and sexiness and it's bursting out of this video. My HORNS are up for this video! Okay I promise I'm done. "Please direct all hate mail to the author, ladies", ADMIN

Outlaws take a moment of your time and push play on each one of these videos, I promise you won't regret it! Shotgun Rebellion are excellent musicians and I'm proud to say fellow Okies, okay, okay, yes I'm a Texas boy hiding out in Oklahoma. They are brother outlaws and have put out three killer videos. What are you waiting for.........well go on........get now....pull the trigger on Shotgun Rebellion! GO ON GET NOW!

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