Blood of The Sun “Keep The Lemmy’s Comin”

Review by Bernard Dalton Jr.


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Blood of the Sun.....pull the belts tight get ready for a ride

Blood of the Sun...Keep the Lemmys Comin

Right off the starting line its got that 70's sound that pushes ya to the limits. It grips ya hard and never let's go til the last cord.

I immediately get to moving as it plays. A Tribute to Lemmy. Partying all night the way he was. Hell Yeah!!!!!

May not be for everyone but for this reviewer a definite need,gotta have. This band is bringing back a sound that Hard Rock/Metal was founded on and needs again. Blood of the Sun I salute you in bringing it back.

Check em out y'all. A definitive 5 outta 5 horns high

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