Review by Bernard Dalton Jr.

I was asked to review the first 3 songs released by Tombstone Rebellion outta New York. First and foremost I am impressed. Sometimes it takes a groove or hook to get my attention but these 3 songs got me from start to finish.

You....slow start out ballad. Picks up a quarter of the way into the song then again. Grabbing you bringing ya closer to the speakers each time. Then it breaks down to the slower ballad and ya know you were just on a ride of yer life.
Gringo.....starts out with a good ole Spaghetti Western movie feel. Any second ya looking for Clint. This song is in my eyes right now their breakout song. Kickass vocals, guitar bass and drums all on point and firing all smokin barrels.
Times Like starts with a Jake E.Lee feel guitar sound then picks up. Song has a message behind it. Never back down no matter the cost. Got that dirty bluesy guitar sound that hooks me every time. Singer shows his ranges in this song. Impressed the hell outta me. Guitar solo is killer. Bass and drums on the mark and never miss a step.
In my opinion this band can only go higher. If these are the tell of the rest of their album I can't wait to hear the rest. Check em out y'all. I'd never steer ya wrong on a group

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