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First Impressions, 

Fast Passed 

Misfits Esk


Elements of Metal and old school punk

Jack Spades, First. First Impressions of this album, it definitely has the chops, combining elements of old school punk, playing 

jump rope with the thrashy in betweens of metal and punk. Combining well placed harmonies with a fast paced driving sound. Songs

Like Rise and They Live are almost reminiscent of old Misfits songs, where songs like Break Neck Speed bring you more into the realm of metal with fast paced shredding guitar riffs. “Amongst Them”, “To The Left” and “They Live” are easily the most solid tracks on the album. If you're one with eclectic tastes looking for something new but familiar, I highly recommend you give it a solid listen all the way through. 

Track Listing  

Jack Spades - First

1. They Live

2. Rise

3. Break Neck Speed

4. X

5. To The Left

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