GEEZER-"Spiral Fires"

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If you’re searching for some dirty, spacey, hard and heavy stoner rock than Geezer is just what the doctor ordered. Geezer comes off as the type of band you’d imagine playing a party at a raucous smoke filled motorcycle clubhouse.


Spiral Fires, the new EP from Kingston in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley is a grooving, trippy, fuzzed out, hard hitting, psychedelic blues ripper. The EP is produced by the lead singer and vocalist Pat Harrington and It runs the gamut from some 80’s Euro Synth to hard hitting riffs, cosmically trippy soaring solos and a tight rhythm section consisting of Richie Touseull on bass and Steve Markota behind the drum kit.


The first track Spiral Fires Pt. 1 opens with some atmospheric synth that starts getting spacey and psyched out until it hits the 1:30 mark when a raw, dense riff takes over. The band then starts tearing it up with hard charging riffs, dreamy, distorted solos and a tight bottom heavy rhythm section. 


Spiral Fires Pt. 2 continues with the jamming interplay between Harrington’s thick,  smoky guitar riffs and gorgeous solos with the bass and drums following closely to create a soaring, bluesy, spaced out instrumental with some tripped out chanting to finish. 


Darkworld, the 3rd track is another banger with a slow sludgy bass line and Sabbathy riffiage. Harrington’s gravelly, resin and whiskey tinged vocals and thick as molasses guitar tone recollect 70’s riff rock as he spins a tale of the dark world of which the title foretells. 


Charlie Reefer, the last song on the EP sounds like classic Geezer tunes found on their previous releases Psychoriffadelia and Gage with its chunky riffs and spaced out jams.


When it comes to riff heavy, cosmic psyche sounds one can’t go wrong with this release that combines the heavy tones found on classic Sabbath as well as the spacey stylings of Pink Floyd with a touch of 80’s synth that adds a perfect nuance.

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