"Treehouse" by Blaming Hollywood

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I was privileged to receive an early screening of “Treehouse” from Blaming Hollywood, and immediately the cinematography struck me. The video is not the over the top, big- budget Hollywood music video of today, but it doesn’t need to be. It does not need all the fluff; it is real, and it is in your face.  The video brings me back to the dark, and raw qualities that I loved in movies like “The Crow”. I loved the opening with the red flashing warning letters, reminiscent of a true crime show, juxtaposed to the next scene of Mandee and the car. The image is very shadowy and leaves a bit to the imagination, but heightens your suspense level, making you want to know what is going to happen next.

              Video of Brandon and Mandee seem so realistic, ripped from a home movie, with images of the inside of their home making you feel like you are there. It feels like you are getting a private glimpse into their lives, maybe some private matters you are not actually supposed to be witnessing. If you have ever dealt with a tumultuous relationship, drug addiction, depression, the pain grips you still by still. The direction of this video done by Blaming Hollywood’s Brandon Wheeler makes you feel, rips at your soul, and dredges up the dark recesses of human emotion.

              Mandee Wheeler floats through several of the scenes, a Goth Goddess, exuding a sense of sultriness altogether Rock N’ Roll. Her voice is sultry as well, soft with a hint of Pop at times.

              Musically “Treehouse” has a touch of nostalgia. It has a bit of a Noise-Pop element that I have not heard in a while. A musical direction that I have missed, and had not even realized it again, until hearing “Treehouse”. Think bands like Garbage, Medicine, and Veruca Salt.  The sound is sexy, even a bit sweet and syrupy at times, but provides the overlay to something darker; at times downright sinister and rising from the depths of despair. It is the soundtrack of the downward spiral, or the upward spiral depending on how you look at it.  Again, if you have ever been in true emotional pain you will find it riveting. The song could have only been written by souls who truly get the subject matter of which they write, and the affect is both poignant and cathartic.  Typically I tend to view music videos as an extension of the songs they support, this video is much more than that. “Treehouse” gripped me from the first still and had me watching it through several times in a row. “Treehouse” is art. When this video goes live, I fully expect this video and this song to go viral. It is going to be what people will remember and talk about for a long time to come. When the video goes live on Halloween, October 31, 2019 be sure to check it out.

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