Brackish Tide "The View From Below"

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Alrighty folks, here is my review for a band called Brackish Tide, they are a band from Pocomoke, Maryland and have been together since 2014. I’m reviewing three songs today, and they are some good ones. First up is a song called “Sting of My Bitterness”, this song has some really good, heavy riffs, the two guitar players are definitely in synch on this song, with a nice melodic breakdown and some groove thrown in. It fits easily into a old school metal tempo.. the second song is called “Ch3No2”, once again, the riffs are killer, w.w and murdock show off their skills with some headbanging, swampy playing .also Goat [ the singer] and D.D [ bass] along with Tim6 [ drums] are a well tuned machine.. you can tell all of these guy's have been playing for a while, as the musicianship all around is tight. The third song is one of their newest one's called “Devil’s Daughter” and I really like this one, because it's a little different from the other two, with a slower almost hypnotic riff, with some cleaner vocal's and the whole tune has a southern, swampy, Rock N’ Roll all in all I’d give Brackish Tide 4.5 horns up out of 5. Check them out on their Facebook page at, a job well done gentlemen, you have a new fan here.

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