Self titled EP

“Song writing prowess dipped in Texan bravado”


          Texas is steeped in Musical history.  From rock pioneers such as  Buddy Holly, to Ornette Coleman and his world of jazz,  Willie Nelson and his brand of outlaw country all the way down to Pantera and their primal metal influence.  Texas even boasts the single greatest live music scene in Austin.  With all that being said. Its never a big surprise when a band comes out of that state to become the next, “hey have you heard these guys?” band, and that’s just what OddFellas are starting to become.

          OddFellas Drake. Dako and Mason released their new EP on September 20th.   The EP contains 5 tracks that permeate Texan songsmanship along with a maturity that looms larger then the bands short existence.  Throughout this EP we find this band showcasing its ability to string together a song and then with their nativity through their youth play them with the confidence and unapologetic ferocity that harkens back to the DIY days of punk rock and how refreshing it is.

          On two of the standout tracks, “reason” and “walk on by” (both of which have music videos available and are a great watch)  we find the band right in their sweet spot.  Songs that are as sincere in there delivery as they are raw and wonderfully exciting through the speakers.  “Walk on by” just feels like a song that would have made MTV's Buzz bin when it was relevant   a song with frequent radio rotation  potential. 

          The other tracks on this EP also stand up strong with the two aforementioned tunes. Like every thing in Texas there's plenty of meat on this albums bones.  For a 5 song EP you feel like your getting a full length worth of material and satisfaction.  Do yourselves a favor and check out the music video for “Walk on by” and then order the EP once you see the buzz is well deserved. 


Brad “Detour” Wallace

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