" Saints & Sinners" by Shallow Side

If you want a big Rock album, a power house in every track, with catchy hooks, and wailing solos throughout, look no further than “Saints & Sinners” set for release on March 29, 2019, from Alabama’s own, Shallow Side. Shallow Side is composed of members Eric Boatright (vocals), Seth Trimble           (Guitar), Heath Fields (Drums), and Matt Daniels (Bass). The album is released by Thermal Entertainment, and was produced by well-known producer, Michael “Elvis” Baskette. If you are looking for musical comparison immediately I go to bands like Shaman’s Harvest, or Bobaflex (also working with Thermal Entertainment).

 If like me, you like a taste of Southern Rock or a bit of Country flare in your Rock N’ Roll, Shallow Side is set to give it to you. Immediately upon playing the album I am impressed with songs like “Revival” a Hard Rock anthem, which will have you instantly singing along. If you find yourself rising up from a struggle, a bad situation, or you just need a powerful track to do some uplifting, “Revival” is going to be that track.                

                The title track off the album, “ Saints &Sinners”, with a slower tempo and southern flare, could be the bridge making Shallow Side the go to band for both Hard Rock and Country fans, alike.  It shows off the instrumental range that Shallow Side has. You will get to experience the vocal range vocalist Eric Boatright has developed from years of experience, from Church choir singing, and not only hear but feel that soul in his voice. Those bluesy soulful moments are spread throughout the album, and give Shallow Side another dimension to their sound.

This is a band that could take the stage at a place like Sturgis, and rock out with the rowdiest of crowds, or who could strip it all down, and take you straight to church. Either way I’m putting my hands up!

Shallow Side brings the party but at the same time are excellent storytellers.  Shallow Side is no stranger to darkness, or vice and “Temptations” is a reflection of that. Its visceral;  it’s raw, and it speaks of things like pain, and addiction from a place of knowing. This song can truly be felt. Also, “Not Alone” opens up with an emotionally wrought piano solo, and just the right air of vulnerability in the vocals of Boatright. This one gives me a chill.

Shallow Side truly gets it. Shallow Side has made an album for today, tackling many of the issues many of us face in just 10 tracks. Shallow Side pours their heart and soul into this album, along with energy, vitality, and pumping riffs.  You get radio ready tracks like “Sound the Alarm” their recent single, and power anthems like “No More” with just the right amount of a sonic “kick in the ass” to get you to power through even the worst of days. The album is rowdy, and hard rocking yet is full of the same soul, character and grit, that I look for in many singer-songwriter albums.  The album is written with something for everyone, every emotion, feeling, and reflection is there, held somewhere within one of the ten tracks.

Shallow Side is definitely a band to watch. Guitarist Seth Trimble said it best when he stated, “I’ve never had a better sense of pride than when we hit that playback button at the end of the day and got to explore this beautiful soundscape that we created together.”Soundscape is truly the perfect word for it, “Saints & Sinners” unravels like a classic novel, love, lust, heart break, pain, triumph; all the archetypes are there, and must be felt. This is your modern day “The Grapes of Wrath” in music form. Pick this album up on March 29, 2019 where sold, and be ready to feel somethin

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