“ A Different Life” the recent E.P released by Lehighton, Pennsylvania Rock band Another Day Dawns, will be sure to prove an instant success for the band. The E.P released on February 26, 2019 is jam packed with radio ready, high energy Rock hits.

 Another Day Dawns is a fresh, young band with unmistakable energy. It will not be long before we see Another Day Dawns hitting major festival sets as this band knows how to capture the attention of a youthful audience.

  The band is composed of vocalist Dakota Sean, guitarist Tyler Ritter, bassist Livi Dillon, and drummer Nick McGeehan.

The E.P kicks off with the song “Rage” which caught both the attention of my son Thomas and myself. We played through the E.P on our morning commute. Thomas remarked, “ I really love this song.” He remarked that it was the beat that he liked specifically, and I agree. Props go to drummer Nick McGeehan for catchy beats, and driving drum tracks through out the album. The bass and drums drive this song, and make the perfect backdrop for catchy guitar rhythms and melodies through out. The lyrics are catchy, motivating, and will have you singing along instantly, like we were. “Rage” got us amped for our day.

Following “ Rage” is “ Psycho” the bands single, which has already garnered Another Day Dawns with online attention, capturing over ten thousand views on Youtube alone.

Showing off their musical prowess and a bit of a softer side “ All of Me” is an emotional track which highlights the sensitivity and vocal range of Dakota Sean.

“ Broken” is my personal favorite off the album, all instruments are at their musical peak. The track is raw, emotional, and riveting. “Broken” creates a story line which forms an anthem of our generation. The chorus line will grip you and have you chanting along. The song is a reflection of the often broken troubled times we are in, but a call to keep going and forging ahead none the less.

With a fresh perspective on Rock N Roll Another Day Dawns is set to take the rock world by storm. Its no surprise they have already opened for national touring acts like Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, and Trapt. They have a slew of Pennsylvania tour dates with heavy hitters such as Red Sun Rising, and Sponge and are planning more dates for this summer, yet to be released. Be sure to check social media links for shows coming near you, as this is a band to watch!

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