Year of The Locust self-titled E.P

New York’s Year of The Locust have released a self-titled E.P, with four heavy hitting songs you will not want to miss.

                The self- titled E.P delivers a Hard Rock, radio ready sound, of a band who is well on its way to selling out arenas. Comparisons can be made to bands like Shinedown or Saliva on this E.P. however, Year of The Locust delivers a sound all their own.

                My favorite track off the album is “Line Em Up” which comes at you full force with a driving beat, and larger than life, crunchy guitar riffs, full of southern swagger. The chorus line is anthemic and will have you chanting the whole song through.

 The E.P opens with “Stay Alive” which is the first single off the E.P. “Stay Alive” features Troy Lucckette playing guest drums, also of Tesla, and Brian Bonds, playing guest guitar, also of Florida Georgia Line.  In partnering with both of these gentleman it is no wonder Year of The Locust delivers a larger than life sound on this track. The track is highly emotional, a salvation song referencing addiction, or depression, yet imploring the listener to keep going, to rise, and overcome.

Also notable tracks on the album are, “Whispers in The Dark,” presenting a softer side on the vocal end, and highlighting a sense of vulnerability. The song also has some beautiful and emotionally wrought guitar parts, making you really feel the vibe of the song. Perhaps a reflection of a lost relationship, or loss of a loved one, this song will resonate with many.

“Sorry” is the final track on the album bringing the tempo back to fast and loud. This track will get you back to rocking out, although the theme here is based on an apology, presenting a universal theme many can relate to. We have all been down the road of making mistakes in our life, of having to correct course, or feel guilt for something we could have done differently; “Sorry” is the song which epitomizes all that.

The four tracks on this album will keep you rocking, moving, and feeling throughout. The E.P does what a good Rock album should do, it gets you on your feet, it energizes you, but it leaves you thinking and feeling on just enough tracks; that it leaves you wanting more. Year of The Locust is a band you will want to listen to again and again. In fact, go see Year of The Locust live; you can check them out on the Shock USA tour with Tesla right now.

kristin welcomeComment