“Dogwater” The most recent release from Chicago based band Chout. Holy Hell, I know Layne Staley passed away, but I would swear it’s him; If not him, than his offspring, because this singer sounds inexplicably like him; uncannily like him. How do I feel about that? Lately, a lot of bands have been cropping up who sound ridiculously like famous bands from the past, and I am not always the biggest fan of remakes.  I can’t help but like this band, and what’s more I think Layne would approve. Vocalist Brendan Maier has an octave range that I have not heard since the Grunge era Gods of Layne Staley or Chris Cornell. This young man has the chops, and it feels like it’s been taken right from the pages of Alice in Chains. What’s more is Chout is earning National Rock media attention because I think everyone agrees that this is too good to be true. Layne Staley left us way to soon, unfortunately to drug addiction, however his vocals formed the genre which was Grunge, and shaped for many of the people who are now my age, the anthems of our teen years. Layne’s death left a void for many music fans, even though Alice in Chains continued on.  It just feels good to have that sound back. Not only is Maier resoundingly gifted, but his band mates in Guitarist Matt Morgan, Bassist Rocco Gilsdorf, and drummer Joel Martinez are equally as talented. Morgan can shred, the riffs are gritty, larger than life, akin to that of Jerry Cantrell. Chout however, is not Alice in Chains they are still their own band, mixing styles and influences of their own throughout the album as well. I have not heard something quite like this since Layne Staley’s Alice in Chains years, and I love it. If like me you have missed that Staley sound, Chout delivers.

 The first single off the album is “Seasons” a Grunge anthem hit at its finest. An emotionally wrought explosion of sound, a song about mental illness, and the battle within. The music video for that song is available now.

Other notable tracks on the album are:

“Restless Heart” an angst ridden and moody tune, reminiscent of “Man in The Box”

“All Has Been Done” a track which opens with a beautiful yet somber guitar riff, and Maier belting out vocals in that eight octave range. The right mix of Hard Rock, Grunge, and Blues, with a gritty Bluesy solo bringing it all together in the middle.

“Thin Ice” a heavier track, more towards the Metal ends of things. This song showcases the instrumental prowess of the band, and highlights stylistic qualities unique to Chout. This is a song that sets them apart from their Alice in Chains tribute overtones seen in other songs.  

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