Recently I was asked to write a review for music a little outside the Outlaw Review box, so to speak.    The song I speak of is"Mr. Caterpillar" by Zaragoza, a song from his debut solo EP "Child of the Sun" that will be released in April of this year.  His solo music is quite different from the metal band Sinicle, that he performs with.  The tracks that I listened to from the EP were full of soulful singing and excellent musicianship.  

Zaragoza has a soulful voice that causes you to take a journey on a jazzy Pink Floyd trip.  Musically Mr. Caterpillar is a beautiful acoustic piece that pulls from the blues and jazz genres in my opinion, but you can still feel the rock and roll in the song.  It is the perfect song for sitting around a campfire with your arms around your loved one.  The lyrics lead you on a journey of blossoming love with the music carrying you gently along with that love.  I could spend a lazy afternoon listening to Zaragoza's percussive acoustic guitar strumming and smooth voice.

If you are a fan of acoustic pieces, jazz, blues, or rock and roll, Zaragoza has something for you.  So be sure sure to look for the debut EP from Zaragoza "Child of the Sun" in April 2019.   

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