“Light Em Up” The New Album to Be Released by Rat Rod is a Dose of High Voltage Rock N’ Roll you Won’t Want to Miss.

Rat Rod is back, with “Light Em Up” the sophomore release to “Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll,” a full length album which delivers a high voltage punch track after track. If you are looking for that gritty Hard Rock sound, that balls to the wall AC/DC swagger, that Motorhead “Born To Raise Hell” attitude, and a kick of Punk Rock energy look no further than “Light Em Up” to deliver that. “Light Em Up” follows closely in the Rat Rod tradition of Vintage Rock N’ Roll revivalism harkening back to the days when music was fast, loud, and fun; and takes it even a step farther in the new release. “Light Em Up” marks even further the evolution that Rat Rod is taking with their trademarked sound, with artistic influences and musical prowess at a new height.

 The album will swiftly find itself as your summer time soundtrack, with a release date set for April 15, just in time for warmer weather, Rat Rod will turn up the heat. “Light Em Up” will deliver that sense of ten foot tall attitude, and inexplicable sense of cool, that will be the music you blast on your Harley, in your Hot Rod, or at your summer time party. It is both feel good, and “kick ass” all the way through.

Highlights on the album are the title track, “Light Em Up” a high octane track sure to get you moving. “Light Em Up” features that same gritty Rock N’ Roll feel, but you also cannot help but notice a strong dose of Punk Rock fueling the song in bass and drum parts, especially. The track is melodic enough; catchy; that it will get you singing, and energetic enough to have you dancing, or putting the pedal down a little bit harder in that “Hot Rod” you’re driving. This song is packed full of swagger and will deliver that invincible attitude you crave.

“Lightning Strikes” set to be the first single released off the album, is another favorite. “Lightning Strikes” is a heavy hitter, fast, loud, gritty, with a chorus line that will get you chanting along; perhaps in the vein of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. “Lighting Strikes” definitely has that same dose of attitude, however Rat Rod makes it their own, bringing a dimension to the song that highlights their musical sensibilities as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area natives. Rat Rod delivers on the Philly flavor in this track; ultimately difficult to describe, but if you have lived near or been to Philly, you just get it; and that energy is celebrated here.

“Peacemaker” starts off as a departure from other Rat Rod songs, with a much heavier and almost Blues infused opening solo; this song caught my attention. Keeping in the style of Rat Rod “Peacemaker” pushes the envelope into new territory not seen on the previous album, in my opinion, giving the band yet another dimension, tackling almost a gunslinger  theme in the storyline, but bringing a heavier riff laden sound as the backbone of the song. I think this would make a great second single release for this album, and I could see some ” bad ass” video ideas for this one.

Every song on this album delivers an in your face dose of Rock N’ Roll, and is chock full of energy and attitude to have you grooving, singing, and rocking the whole album through. Don’t just take my word for it, you should check this album out when it drops, as I am sure you will find your own favorites here as well. This album is meaty in that department and there is a ton to choose from.  Going back to their first album Rat Rod posed the question, “Do you Remember Rock N’ Roll?” with “Light Em Up” Rat Rod answers that question, “Hell Yes! We do” and we agree.

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