Awake At Last- The Change

  What would happen if a band was born of a prog-rock heart with Warp tour sensibilities? Imagine if that same band then decided that being true to a positive message was a necessity. What you end up with is Awake At Last on their new full length recording The Change.

    From the very first track you are aware that this band is serious about what they are creating. Even though it is a short instrumental intro it sets a tone that carries on through all the tracks that follow. Unlike many bands that make a message an important part of their creation Awake At Last does not beat you down with said message. Instead the positive images are woven very nicely into well-crafted songs that stretch from one style to another almost seamlessly. You can feel the passion that vocalist Vincent Torres pours into each and every word that he sings. All that emotion is then placed within the tapestry of sonic mastery laid down by the twin guitar attack of Eric Blackwell and Imran Xhelili and held together by the tight precision of the rhythm sections of Tyler Green on bass and Jon Finney behind the drums.

   The Change will take you through many different emotions on this journey. Welcome To Life kicks things into gear and the pace only lets up a bit on tracks like Let Go and My Enemy. Awake At Last wear their influences openly and with pride so I am not going to compare them to other bands. Instead I would challenge you to give them a listen and form your own opinion. What I hear is all the ingredients necessary to be a powerful band for years to come. In this world we live in a positive message is important now maybe more than ever. Awake At Last are carrying that message holding it high and charging into the battle with pride.


  Bob Mavity