If you want a cranium smashing, skull crushing, album oozing with the southern swagger of heavy hitters like Pantera or Corrosion of Conformity, larger than life Blues infused riffs, and just a hint of Red Dirt gravitas, look no further than the self-titled release from Cherryvale, Kansas’ own Edgeoveredge.

                The full album is a ripper from start to finish, track after track is overflowing with face melting, high octane riffs, and drum beats which will be sure to get you moving.

Previously released as singles are both, “The Prince and The Prophet” debuting in 2018, and “Mountain Breather” released in early 2019. “The Prince and The Prophet” previously reviewed by Outlaw Review, is a head turner, telling the tale of the internal battle of good vs. evil, with an opening instrumental track sure to get you moving. The song opens with catchy riffs, full of southern swagger, and high energy; and in turn was enough for me to request use of it for the bumper track for the introduction to The River Bottom Radio show, on 106.6 The Blast.

                In early 2019, “Mountain Breather” was introduced, and stands as the heaviest hitting track on the album, in my opinion. “Mountain Breather” made a splash on many radio shows, to date with its face melting layers of sludgy guitar riffs, hooks, drum beats, and guttural screams which deliver a sure fire kick in the teeth. Possibly this track rivals legendary works of bands like Pantera, and that is not a comparison we throw around lightly at Outlaw Review. If you want hard hitting Metal that will rise straight up out of the Red Dirt, and grab you by the throat, this is that song.

                Another Favorite on the album is “Status Quo” which is a Heavy Metal ripper, which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “more Cowbell”. If you ever wished for a track which will kick even the hardest dose of Monday work day Blues away, this is that track. This song proves that Edgeoveredge truly get what plagues our society today, and that the song embodies that feeling of being stuck in the rut of a mundane life. “Status Quo” will have you shouting, “There’s got to be a better way”. If you ever wanted a song that embodies the pure rage and frustration, of the everyday working man’s plight, this is it. However, the track does not feel overly political, and the song is equally catchy and upbeat as it is heavy. You will be shouting “more Cowbell” as you rock along with this one.

                “Embrace The Darkness” take on a Gothic twist for Edgeoveredge, with a horror theme tying the track together. The use of sludgy, somber riffs, bring a hint of Doom to the mix, and the use of chanting at the end of the track bring an overall Gothic feel which brings it all together. Think, Corrosion of Conformity, or Pallbearer on this one.

                If you are looking for high energy, down and dirty Rock Roll, look no further than, “Bitch of the Bunch” chock full of gritty guitar riffs, and balls to the wall attitude. This is a hip twisting, Rock your face off track.

                Another favorite on the album is “Long Time Comin” which gives you that Country swagger, with guitar picking riffs, similar to what was popularized by bands like Texas Hippie Coalition with songs like, “Paw Paw Hill”, or Black Label Society’s, “ Losing Your Mind”. This track is gritty, with a twinge of Country fried energy, and a bit of edginess that will get even the most somber metal head moving. Listening to this track you will ultimately feel  ten feet tall, and ready to take on the world. At Outlaw Review we have come to know Edgeoveredge quite well, and we believe with the release of this album they are ready to do just that. Make way for Edgeoveredge, and room in your CD collection for this banger of an album. Edgeoveredge is ready to kick ass and take names, and just like the track suggests, it’s been a “Long Time Comin,” and we agree, it is Edgeoveredge’s time to shine.