Haze Mage - Chronicles Review 5/13/19

This is the first Ive heard of Baltimore's Haze Mage, though they have been around for a little

while, this is their debut full length on Grimoire Records. When i press play and i sit back and

close my eyes and let the music attack my senses, the first thing that im thinking while listening

is how electric the live show would be for this band considering the high energy delivery of

these tunes. The drums being pounded on ferociously while grooving with a heavy slightly dirty

bass and guitar blend that will keep your body moving and swaying. The vocals soar with a

bluesy metal rage that remind me quite a bit of Glenn Danzig. The music is full of Sabbath esque

grooves with catchy, driving vocal lines keeping the energy flowing throughout much of the

release while taking some phsycadelic trips along the way. I enjoyed this listen quite a bit and

see this entering my regular rotation of jams. Check them out.

Favorite song : Bong Witch