Before you ever drop the needle or push play you already have a pretty good idea what sound you’re going to get from a band named Beaten by Hippies. The thing is, it is all that and much more. Fuzzy, groovy, sleazy and tough are just a few of the words that describe this Belgian quartet. It is easy to hear the influences of the lads as they present track after track of straight up rock n roll.

  Their self-titled full length release has everything a lover of rock could ask for. Loud guitars, whiskey voice, pounding drums held together with a throbbing bass line and chorus you can sing-a-long to. The sound they generate is both retro and current at the same time making for an excellent journey through the swampy under belly that is stoner rock.

 Velvet Hills sounds like STP on steroids. The next track Space Tail could be an early b-side from QOTSA but it is undoubtedly BBH. The title track is a psychedelic instrumental that if you close your eyes you can almost see the fractal patterns appearing in your mind. If you are a fan of big fuzzy rock this is a record you need to hear.  


Bob Mavity

Outlaw Underground

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