Playing in a band is a dream and a sacrifice. Far too often when a group starts to touch on the success they have been chasing for years the pressure can pull them apart. For the band Cold Kingdom that success was just within reach having the chance to support acts like Chevelle, Papa Roach, Buckcherry Saving Able, Nonpoint and Shinedown.  All of this led to Shinedown’s Eric Bass producing their excellent self titled EP.  But alas the bump in the road. Their singer decided that she could not continue with the band. Typically when a band loses their voice it is difficult to keep moving forward but that was not the case for Cold Kingdom.

    Evan Ogaard(guitar), Jason Michael(bass) and Chris Morley(drums) pushed forward and with the addition of a new vocalist Elissa Pearson and keyboardist Collin Pearson they have crafted a tight , powerful album titled Into the Black Sky. The first single A New Disaster is a powerful anthem that will have fans of the band pumping their fist and banging their heads from the first note to the last. The album is filled with driving tunes such as Devil in Me that comes out of the gate charging and only lets up for a moment before pounding away until the end. Left Me Haunted is another stand out track that starts out quiet and reflective and ends with Elissia pouring hear heart out with power and passion.

    If you were already a fan of Cold Kingdom you will not be disappointed. If you are hearing them for the first time you may find yourself being swept away in the delicate fury of an album of well-crafted Rock tunes that will stick to you long after your player has stopped.


Bob Mavity

Outlaw Underground

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