Temptress- "Self -Titled" Review by Bill Kerls


Come on baby are you ready for the ride of your life” the answer for me is certainly yes. 

With a sound as big as the state they hail from this Dallas/ Ft. Worth quartet throws down some grooving heavy riffs, swirling solos perfectly paired with drums and bass that are heavy, huge and just ooze with power. A sound that seems to borrow from the tuned down, fuzzed out, smoldering guitar tone of the Stoner/ Desert genres with aggressive punkish sexy vocals. The 3 songs on their eponymous debut EP Temptress, Ride of Your Life, Hot Rails, and Heavy Woman are a potent assault on the listeners senses with grooving gargantuan guitar that creates a swirling, spacey, atmosphere of a smoky garage

The opening track Ride of Your Life has the feel of Kyuss with the tuned down guitar tone and driving bass lines. The heavy, grooving, chunky riffs with swirling solos that compliment each other perfectly as the heavy bottom drives the song and the “deliciously sexy” vocals tempt one to turn that volume way up. 

Hot Rails bursts out of the gate with heavy footed driving drums with an 80’s punk feel reminiscent of Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag

Heavy Woman has a dirty, grooving sludgy stoner/ desert feel and the deliciously sexy stylings of Kelsey Wilson (vocals, lead guitar), Andi Cuba(drums, vocals), Erica Pipes (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Christian Wright (bass, vocals) 

For a band that only formed a few months ago I see a great deal of potential and look forward to more to come from them as well as catching them jamming it live.

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