Joyous Wolf - In Time EP

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When you turn on Joyous Wolf for the first time you are immediately hit full force with the bands intense Southern California swagger.  With a sound that is equal parts 70’s bombast and modern rock drive. “In Time” will take you on a journey through the twisting canyons to a cold beach late at night and back with a drive through the empty city streets.

   On the opening track Had Enough you get the feeling the ride your about to take is going to leave you humming this tune all day long. That is followed by the powerful refrain of Quiet Heart with a vocal that brings to mind a guy name Chris that had an amazing garden.

  The album continues pouring out bigger than life tunes that seem both fresh and familiar at the same time with the rhythm section of Greg Braccio on bass and Robert Sodaro on drums driving a sound that gets your head bobbing and your feet tapping


   Switching gears for Feel the Low JW start off quiet but build to a soaring Chorus that could be triumph or sadness. With more than a hint of Delta Blues Mother Rebel stomps and staggers across your ears punctuated with a nasty slide guitar solo by Blake Allard.

   The EP closes with Undesired a song were vocalist Nick Reese growls and wails like he is possessed by Paul Rodgers. You feel the pain he is singing about must be something he lived.

  Joyous Wolf sound like a band that has known each other their whole life and in a way they have. Reese and Sodaro first meet in the 6th grade and the rest as they say is history.

  If you are a fan of bands like Rival Sons and Stone Temple Pilots then you need to do yourself a favor and give a listen to “In Time”. You will be glad you did.

Bob Mavity

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