Hell & Hollar - 442

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From beginning to end you get the feeling that these guys from South Florida have been enjoying the sand and sun for quite some time. But the sand seems more like it comes from Sky Valley instead of the Sunshine State. You can almost smell the oil and rubber burning as they drop the shifter into drive on this rocking journey.

     If you are a fan of desert rock then you will feel right at home. Hell & Hollar deliver a dose of perfectly measured rock that is intertwined with southern roots and desert swagger. Low and Slow starts with a squeaky door that signals it’s time to go for a ride and what a ride it is. For almost a minute and a half the group bounces from one tasty lick to another and you start to feel as if the opening track is an instrumental. That all changes the moment Blake Burns delivers the song title as his opening statement.   Equal parts Sabbath and Skynyrd the track is a great introduction to a band that is clearly feeling it. Double wide comes out of the gate with a pounding drum cadence courtesy Nate Largent and quickly turns into a anthem of backwoods revelry with chorus that will stick in your brain for longer than the PBR in the cooler.

    On the track Desert Dusk H&H let the influence of bands like QOTSA shine bright with a quirky song that just screams Stoner rock. On the title track of the EP Punk guitar moves to the front in this ode to the big and beautiful Oldsmobile that has become a part of muscle car lore.   Just like they were behind the wheel of that Classic they power through the track with reckless abandon. For the song Personal Issues the tone is set with some low end groove laid down by bassist Johnny Dusko and the song has a swampy feel that pays tribute to the state from which they hail. For the final track of record H&H chose Showdown. I stomping track dripping with Hammond organ and a killer rhythm guitar from Ian Pattison. The sound ranges from Tom Petty to ZZ Top and all points in between.

   If you are looking for a bridge to get from Moly Hatchet to Kyuss this group might be what you are looking for. I have listened to it many times over the past week and think it is one that will stay in my rotation for a long while .



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