Wild Planes Singin 'N' Slingin

Wild Planes

Singin ‘N’ Slingin

By: Brad Wallace


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               This week I was presented with the opportunity to listen to and then review the new E.P. Singin ‘N’ Slingin from the big apple’s very own Wild Planes.   Now when I decide to review an album I make sure I marinate in that album for a week and let it soak in fully before I delve into the details of that record.   So this album went on a few road trips, work days and simple down time with a beer moments with me and I’m ready to go.

               Now as I stated Wild Planes is a NYC band consisting of the trio of Kris Carmello on lead vocals and guitar, Jimmy Hoag on the bass and last but certainly not least Andre Jevnik on the drums.  Their debut E.P. “On the rocks” was released in September of 2016 to much acclaim.  So with this being said I was pretty excited to dive into this album with high hopes and see what the excitement was all about.

               The album opens with the track “Money” which I later found had a video counterpart after digging through YouTube.  The track really showcases Andre Jevnik as his drums to me stand out and have a driving force in the song that just dares you not to stomp your foot to the rhythm.  Kris drops the line “Well I hate to tell ya, but I need to sell ya, or bet against ya.. cause money makes this silly world go round”.  Hard to argue that sentiment. 

               We then roll into the track “The Hunter” which brings to light a situation all guys have seemed to run into, being in love with a girl who is in love with herself.  Hearing the line actually made me chuckle as it brought to mind a few names from my past.  The track has an infectious groove and keeps you grinning as Kris sings about now being the Hunter.

               We’ve arrived to the track “We don’t know this”, and let me tell you something.  This is the roll your windows up song.  No not because the track is bad, quite the contrary.  The problem is that its impossible not to sing along to and you WILL try to hit those high notes and you WONT succeed.  This is when it really hit me that Kris has some serious pipes.  On top of that this is where I actually realized that this band could with ease fall into a top 20 radio track with no problem.  The talent of the band is on full display on this effort.

               Now go ahead and roll those windows back down, this next song is just a fun summer party anthem.  I mean how can It not be with a title like “Drunk”.  I recommend leaving the windows down as the song to come demands it.  In the meantime Drunk is a sure fire party anthem just begging for a crowd and a loud stereo.  Thoroughly enjoy this song from the first time it hit my speakers.

               Here it is, my favorite track on the album.  Hopefully your windows are still down cause at this point its time to turn the dial up just wait for that opening groove of the guitar.  As soon as you hear it you know your about to experience a slice of awesome.  Now this track again has you sing along, but this time you’ll be screeching “Im Back” as the title of the track confirms and this time you’ll be sticking your tongue out and throwing devil horns at strangers on the sidewalk.  This song got a lot more repeats then I should openly admit.

               All in all, I was highly impressed with Singin ‘N’ Slingin and am still watching it grow on me after each spin I give it.  I now am looking forward to trying to track down a live show to see how big of a sound these three wild men can make on stage.  As Kris said on The Hunter, “Im all in or not in at all” and when it comes to this album, Im all in!

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