The Mariana Hollow- The Abandoned Parade

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The Mariana Hollow - The Abandoned Parade


The first track Only The Fear off their newest album The Abandoned Parade had me a bit confused. I jumped right in and didn't know what to expect. My first thoughts were why would anyone take a beautiful operatic vocal approach and mix it with a band that is very in sync with each other. After the second song Circus, I had it figured out. This band knows exactly how to do it, and do it right. From the powerful and very heartfelt approach by singer Rebecca Spinks to the music that shadows the vocals with a certainty only this could band could know. They are heavy and raw and dare I say symphonic.


I quickly became intrigued, interested, excited and genuinely enjoyed what I was hearing. The third song Chambers and Valves starts with a calm breeze that by the end turns into a hurricane that will have you pumped with adrenaline. As matter of fact that single song had me sold, all in, to the point where I have listened to this album ten times at this point. Each time I heard something new, something different, something more amazing and deep than the last. The Mariana Hollow are heavy, flirting with the term metal even though the guitarist I spoke with, Gabriel Moreria told me they consider themselves more of a alternative rock band.


Rebecca Spinks pulls off a valiant effort with her vocal range, yet oddly I'm scared, because when listening to this album I feel like at times shes holding back, as if to tease you with what she really can do. The band has clearly spent time together, learning to be very intune with each other and it shows on The Abandoned Parade. Cutting solos, hard hitting bass and drums let you know they are just getting starting, considering this is their third album I'm wondering what might they be up to. The pulled out all the stops with this album, from crafting the songs to recording, they chose to learn from things in the past that might have hampered them. If this album is a glimpse into the future of The Mariana Hollow, then call me a believer.  


All said and done, if I had to give The Abandoned Parade a rating. Id rate it a 4 of 5 for production, quality sound and attack.


 If I had to critique anything Id maybe and that's a strong maybe say that I feel like that at times the vocals are stronger then the music. That honestly might just be a positive.


For fans of Nightwish, Pythia, Rage Of Light and Therion   


Joseph Nagel

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