Kiss Kiss Bang- Hearts On Fire E.P. By Brad Wallace

      “Everyone’s talking about the rock these days, the problem is they forget about the roll”  Keith Richards.

       When first sitting down with this album the quote above popped into my head.  I’ve always loved that saying cause sadly its so true. To often nowadays bands can poor the rock on in heaps but when it comes to the soul and body of the songs it falls flat. 

      With Kiss Kiss Bangs new e.p. “Hearts On Fire” that was released on May 31st, the band proves it can bring the roll as well as the rock.  The quartet of Trevor Smith, Andrew Hopper, Malcolm Warren and Clayton Crowder hail from Bowling Green KY and have been picking up a loyal following due to they're impressive live performances.

      Like always when reviewing an album I spent a week with the album and gave it more spins then a Las Vegas roulette table and I can happily say that this album is going to have a permanent place in my collection.   

     The E.P. starts off with “Headchange” which to me was the most straightforward rock track on the album.  It catches your attention immediately with its crunching guitar tone overlaying Trevor’s strong vocals.  The song is a great introduction to the E.P.

     Elsewhere we find other highlights such as “Shes bad” with its fantastic vocal melodies and impressive guitar work that shows you that there is a lot of talent in this band.

     We also get a cover of Bryan Adams 1984 hit “Run To You”.  Now 35 years later Kiss Kiss Bang took this 80's hit and did it complete justice.  The song feels like it left 1984 and spent the next three and a half decades in a smoky dive bar throwing back bourbon.  It’s a fresh new take and one that paid off well.

    Of course we have the track the E.P. gets its name from, “Hearts On Fire” which packs the vocal melodies into an anthemic fist pumping track worthy of having an album named after it, and “My last goodbye” which is a driving track with another great drum performance to keep your head nodding

    Now the highlight of the album to me is “When it rains”.  Lyrically this track is poignant and it shows that this band can write one hell of a song.  The melodies, vocals, just everything hit the mark and will stay with you for days.  I've replayed this one back to back a few times and even did the whole “take the long way home” thing just to finish the whole track.

    With all this said this E.P. is a must hear that for me actually exceeded expectations and has me hoping for a show close by in the future.  If you like a band like good ole' keef and myself appreciate,  with a full compliment of rock’n'roll then this is a band to check out.


Brad Wallace

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