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Bad Blood

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          Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you took “Damaged” era Black Flag and poked it with a stick, dumped it in a blender and then poured a little Sabbath on top before hitting the blend button?  No?, neither did I, but now that I do I am pleasantly surprised by how tasty it is.

          Lifetime Shitlist is releasing the album Bad Blood on August 16th on Grimoire Records.  The first single which shares its name with the album title is available with preorder. The Baltimore quartet of Ned Westrick (bass, vocals), Matt Crocco (Guitar), Corey Fleming (Guitar) and Ryan Larkin (Drums), push the metal and punk boundaries in what is a beautifully multifaceted track.

          “Bad Blood” starts off with a energy and ferocity that would make Henry Rollins proud.  The track immediately draws you in and doesn’t waste time with a build up.  The pummeling guitar onslaught Matt and Corey provide set a great pace to the track.  However,  its at the midway point of the song where it takes a breakdown that the metal community will embrace and be excited to hear that you see the depth of their musical tastes. Lifetime Shitlist seems extremely comfortable shifting genres and doing it with great results  

         One can only hope that Lifetime Shitlist can follow up that track with an albums worth of refreshingly unique songs.  And if so we may be hearing a lot more from this band as the rest of the rock community gets a new gem to discover.


Brad Wallace

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