INTERSTITIA- Ever Onward Ever Inward


In a world where there is a surplus of chatter lately, including podcasts, talk shows, daily news programming and even never ending phone calls and texts.  You'd be hard pressed to find time to sit back and hear your own thoughts.   Because of this I've recently been introduced to the world of ambient music.  A genre where instead of telling you a story, the artist instead provides a musical backdrop in which to paint your own thoughts to. 

        With that being said,  having the opportunity to soak in “Ever Onward Ever Inward” the new album released on July 26th from Interstitia I was extremely excited.   Interstitia is the vessel in which Graham Scala uses to create his musical soundscapes.  Graham Scala who is from Asheville NC continues to carry on the torch of talent that Asheville produces at a high frequency.

         Interstitia released a previous EP “Sunreturn” that showed the promise he had when it comes to pushing new boundaries in the electronic music industry.  But “Ever Onward Ever Inward” has blown my expectations away.  We start with opener “Ever Onward” that very nicely draws you in with what I can best describe as a comforting mental picture layered in sonic sounds that lets you settle in for the ride. 

          From there “The map procedes the territory “ and “exosphere” roll in with equally comforting yet upbeat and jarring beats.  My favorite track even if it is the shortest on the album “Savage in the sun”  comes on and has this beautifully eerie feel reminiscent of a track that Radiohead could have left off “Kid A” by accident.  The album provides a great flowing track list that literally could be a film score   

         We arrive at “The fog behind my eyes” and “inexplicable, unnameable” which to me has a almost unsettling vibe. But in the best way possible.  Its drawing us into the towering final track “Ever Inward “ a 9 minute epic closer to an album that for 45 minutes removed me from the talking heads of this world and allowed me to sit back and just imagine.  Interstitia shot for the moon on this release and found its aim was true. 

Robert MavityComment