Dreadnought- Emergence

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 Dreadnought has a new record out in the world. If you are already a fan you know what to expect. If you are new to this group, well you are in for a treat. The Denver Colorado quartet has once again delivered an exceptional slab of atmospheric Pshycdelic prog doom.  Emergence contains just 5 tracks clocking in at a little under 47 minutes. Now don’t be fooled. The small number of tracks is the norm for these purveyors of deep tunage.

  Out of the gate Besieged starts with bombastic drums, driving guitars and soaring growls that soon gives way to a softer moment of both sound and vocals with a sweet harmony that gives you a feeling of bliss. Not to worry it takes you back to the aggression just as quickly. The layers of instrumentation and time changes keeps you listening beyond what you hear on the surface.

“Still” is the shortest track coming in at just 3:25. Ominous strings set the tone for the magnum opus that is yet to come. A soft, almost whisper of vocals lulls you into a state of calm that will soon be broken.

   From here on out the sonic journey really begins and it takes you deep within the atmosphere of Dreadnought. The path is at times dark and twisted but also reflective with hope just beyond the horizon. If you are a fan of a band like Kylesa you will love this record. If you love your doom mixed with psychedelia then this is a record you need to own.

  It is now in my playlist and I think it will be there for quite some time.

Bob Mavity

The Doom Saloon

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