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Bottom Line Up Front:

Give it a listen! Strong Punk offering that will not disappoint fans of the genre.

Top picks: Eviction Notice, All my Friends, No Self Control.

Best track: Skate Rat's Revenge.

Man, it's been a while since I listened to some Punk. When this EP got dropped in my inbox, I was more than happy to find myself rocking out to it! Like No Tomorrow comes through with an awesome new offering that's heavy on the punk, and light on the bullshit. These guys get right to it from the start with Grand Delusion, and only get better from there. Top picks are: Eviction Notice, All my Friends, and No Self Control. If I had to pick just one, listen to Skate Rat's Revenge.

Hard, heavy, steady, and up front guitar riffs carry you through this quintessential punk offering.

Drums are often found mid ground and carry the tunes nicely.

The Bass work rounds out the ensemble, and comes front and center for some awesome solos.

So grab an energy drink, hop on your skate board, blast this EP, and go tear some shit up! Whatever it is you do, these guys will get you up, moving, and ready to get after it.

Mike Triana

Robert MavityComment