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Review by Mr. Mike

As I May - My Own Creations

Bottom Line Up Front:

If you're a fan of melodic metal, you'll find yourself in good company with this album and As I May. My Own Creations is out now on most media services; if you only listen to one song, check out Pride Goes Before A Fall. Then listen to What A Waste. Ah hell, listen to the whole album! You won't be disappointed.

This album is a trap. It took me a few listens before I could fully appreciate everything it has to offer, but once I did, I could not stop listening to it! A superb example of what melodic metal has to offer; My Own Creations sinks its hooks into you, and pulls you under into its depth of sound.

Bright, strong, and steady riffs carry you through the malestrom of drums, double bass, and snare. Throughout the album you will find excellent use of double bass drums, that are just enough to keep it interesting without overloading your ears. The percussion work of Marko Korhonen is perfection, and pairs elegantly with Lasse Hiltunen & Jani Valhola performing on the guitar. Tipi Nokelainen rounds out their sound profile with solid, steady work on Bass Guitar. Vocals are provided by Tipi Nokelainen, Jani Valhola, and Lasse Hiltunen; with low raspy growls, metalcore screams, and sweeping melodies. The range that's covered by As I May is quite impressive, and they make a Hell of a lot of music for a 4 piece band!

Pride goes before a Fall, and What a Waste are the two tracks I find most often stuck in my head. Cure is worse than disease, Silent, and Loud, are top picks as well. They're all great though, I often find myself listening to this album from start to finish. At 30 minutes of play time, it's too easy to get lost in enjoying this music.

Orchestral at times with a well defined edge, As I May delivers an excellent entry to the melodic metal genre with My Own Creations. As Fall begins, and night slowly conquers day, this is the perfect music for the season; A bright, colorful, descent into the depths of winters night.

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