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Review by Dylan Gonzalez

It’s a sad day for being a doom fan and you don’t know about a great local band that has, oh, you know, five releases under their belt, but enough about my stupid life.

Instrumental doom seems like a bit of an oxymoron given the typical structure of your everyday doom track. Extended runs of repetitive riffs, despair-laden lyrics, and, of course, the bass heavy wall of noise. As a dedicated fan of the genre, you hear a lot of stuff that sometimes sounds pretty similar, but luckily Clouds Taste Satanic do a damn good job of keeping it fresh.

Starting with their first release back in 2014, To Sleep Beyond the Earth, the Brooklyn-based band has managed to produce an impressive array of material since then. Their latest, Second Sight, which is due out on Halloween (they will be having a release show at Lucky 13 Saloon), is a follow-up to their earlier April release, Evil Eye, and continues their instrumental interpretation of the concept of dark magic.

The two tracks, “Second Sight” and “Black Mass” are broken into a three-piece movement each, presenting sonic interpretations of various forms of magic. I think undoubtedly there could be some comparisons made to doom gods Sleep, but that could be said about many a doom band. Clouds Taste Satanic manage to grow away from the safety of home turf and draw in some other influences. 

Greg Acampora shines on perfectly rhythmic drums, creating a trance-like atmosphere at times with them. Sean Bay on bass matches Acapora well to complete the rhythm section and creates a tone in the quieter sections that vibrates beautifully.

Guitarist Steve Scavuzzo really channels in pedal effects to great use. For me, I am hearing some really nice David Gilmour style sustain. Brian Bauhs creates riffs that form the base of their songs and boast a sound akin to Dylan Carlson’s western twang. Two guitars really allows them to build a sound with the lead creating a dynamic roof reaching into space, and the rhythm section keep holding that solid backbone.

As these are rather long tracks, the band does a great job of keeping the listener’s attention, throwing in some occasional bursts of almost thrash metal to break up the slow drone. There’s even some jammy blues guitar sprinkled throughout. You can tell these guys know how to play with each other. They are dialed into one another’s musical brains and know exactly how to navigate each other’s sound.

Combined all together and Clouds Taste Satanic have created sprawling soundscapes of doom. Maybe spacescape is a good word for this kind of jam. It’s the kind of music that you could set to a science fiction or fantasy scene, but allows the listener’s mind to paint the picture. The absence of lyrics gives you control of the narrative.

“Second Sight” ends the way I feel an Western would, with the rider slowly trailing off into the sunset. A space Western perhaps? Regardless of finding the right fiction to accompany it, Clouds Tastes Satanic have put forth yet another great entry into their now six album history. Check out the rest of the album once it releases on Halloween.

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