Review By Dylan Gonzalez

Birthed from the ashes of Death Certificate (and briefly known as Laceration) in 2007, Acherontia Styx has finally completed work on a longtime coming EP, Shadow and Flame. After many rotating members and losing out on a chance to release their original EP with Infest Records due to bankruptcy of the company, Acherontia Styx went on hiatus in 2008 until 2017. Original members Ron, Dinenthal (who already has two solo records out), and Kev put together the EP again, however, Kev has since left the band earlier in July. Adam “Gargantua” Ashbridge has been added to the lineup.

Their new single, “Dressed In You”, recalls the days of the early 00s when death metal was king. Blast beats erupt from the song, juxtaposed by grinding guitar and bass, likening back to some of the earlier Lamb of God material. It transitions into a very nice guitar solo, as Dinenthal gets a chance to show his chops.

Previous release, Your Possible Pasts, can be found for streaming on the Dwarrowdelf Records Bandcamp page.

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