Enforced- "At The Walls"

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This band is refreshing, and a positive outlet for a small but growing music scene from Richmond,VA. At first listen I cant help but to think "Is this what a music lovechild of Napalm Death and Carcass would sound like?" They start off their newest offering At The Walls the right way by opening with Reckoning Force. Coming in heavy with the low muted guitar and hard hitting drums. These guys are exactly what you maybe be looking for if you are like me and think there are so many options musically but you really want some tried and true to listen to.


Enforced definitely is in a position where they should no longer be slept on by those into thrash, grindcore and hardcore. They clearly have the attitude and tenacity to get it done in the studio and Id put money on it they can elicit a riot at a live show. When I listen to this album it takes me back to the days where I listened to old bands who took that metal sound and mixed it with the punk attitude, bands such as The Faith, Cro-Mags and Warzone.


They are good, simply point. They keep the same recipe that has been working for years, yet bring a tinge of new to the scene instead of sounding like everyone else. I definitely recommend turning the volume up when listening to Enforced. They cant be ignored. Once you listen to At The Walls you'll understand why. They cut right to the point, heavy break downs but not the kind who make children turn into wanna be Bruce Lee kung fu masters who had to much Mountain Dew.


Songs like Retaliation starts off slow, heavy, almost to keep you guessing which way they will head. The lead guitarist really does this song justice. Then you crank up World Of Pain and its the perfect song to work out to at the gym, you know at the very start its going to kick your teeth in. Brahman starts of very spacey and experimental before they get into their signature palm muted "chuga chuga" on the back side of what I can only describe as a 15 second high.


If you are a fan of old school thrash, hardcore punk even dabbling into grindcore you should go out, find these guys, buy this album, support a homegrown up and coming band, and proceed to listen to it over and over again. It will leave you charged up and right to fight something, anything in your way

Joe Nagel

Robert MavityComment