Lonely Dakota- End Of Days EP

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          On June 28th Lonely Dakota rolled out their new EP to the masses.  End of days is a 5 track album unleashed by VonDee on vocals and guitar, PJ on guitars and vocals, Tez on bass and Sepala on the drums. Going into this review I was unfamiliar with the band or their sound and figured I would review this track by track as I listen to it to capture my immediate reactions to the songs as I hear them for the first time.  So here we go!


1)    Victoria-  First thing I notice is the great guitar tone on this track.  It kicks off with a very crisp yet crunchy riff, and I have to say a very anthemic sounding chorus.  This track feels like an eventual single.  When VonDee goes into the chorus with the line “tell me was it all for nothing” you can feel the emotion behind the words  A very strong opener!


2)     End of days- OK, we come into the next track with some high expectations.  Title tracks have the burden of carrying the albums name and thus a reason for us to be hopeful for great things.

            On this track we get a great punchy guitar riff that makes for a nice backdrop to a overall  really catchy and great 2nd track. I particularly enjoyed the lyrics “now's the time to sell your soul, I'll keep you warm till you let go” 


3)    Medication-  As “Medication” plays I find that it has a upbeat tone musically, and really kind of gives me a 90's alternative track vibe. There is a melody with some balls behind it.  That is a combination I really enjoyed. Very solid track.


4)    Overdrive – well this track is just screaming highway track!  Anything that I can picture causing me to get a speeding ticket I label as a highway track, I know, I’m weird.  But seriously,  this tracks fun.  I really enjoyed the vocal and background vocal play on this one. Big thumbs up.  (Later after the review I found a music video on YouTube for this video that fits perfectly.. check it out)


5)    15 years- And a fantastic closer,  this one again has the sound of a future single.  Upon the first listen I was already singing along to the chorus as the track neared the end. Loved the special guest pastor that shouts “pray that you not fall into temptation”


So in closing,  With one play front to back I find this to be an album that quickly plants melodies in your head you'll be humming all day (as I’m writing this I’m still humming 15 to life to myself)   Definitely grab this EP, as just the bookend tracks of “Victoria” and “15 years” are with the price of admission alone.


Brad Wallace

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