Well well well. It's almost the end of the year. I know I'm ready for some big changes in 2019. I have a feeling next year is gonna be one hell of a great year for music. Now y'all know I don't post alot or say alot(hush Alon) but what I do say is from the heart and ya know I meant it. With that being said here's my Top 4 albums of 2018 in no order. All are equally awesome.#1 Avatar.... Avatar Country. Love this band great guys and sound. They get knocked on sometimes but they March on.#2 DevilDriver....Outlaws Til The End Vol.1. What can you say bout this album? Me....Freakin kick-ass. If ya ain't heard them or it where ya been hidin at? #3 Suicidal Tendencies....Get Your Fight On. Been a fan since the 80's. Yeah I'm that old zip it lol. Punk skater jams and Mike still ain't got his Pepsi. And #4 Judas Priest.... Firepower. New CD from the Metal God's. Over 40 yrs of metal have only made them stronger. Been a fan since the 70's. Again yes I'm old, I fart dust lol.

Now on to my Top 5 shows I attended in 2018. Ready Set …

#5 Saving Abel at The Q in Roanoke VA

Was a gift for my girl on her birthday. This show was small but truly worth it. They killed it that night like it was at Wimbledon Stadium. Great guys all truly love the fans and the music. If ya haven't heard them give em a chance.

#4 Bobaflex at Phase 2 in Lynchburg VA. This was a 10 band show that started early in the afternoon and lasted til midnight. They made a new fan outta me that night. One hell of a show.

#3 Avatar at Phase 2 in Lynchburg VA.

Holy shit they put on a hell of a show. Fans from all over the states were there that night. Last show of the tour they were on. Had Hellsapoppin and local band(one of my favs) Black Plague open. Man was we impressed at Avatar. Had never seen them live before. Definitely a band worth goin again and again to see.

#2 Texas Hippie Coalition at Gas Monkey Dallas Texas.

What can I say. They kicked ass. It was much needed Family time for us and damnit the THC guys and Family didn't disappoint. BigDad was under the weather but carried on like the man he is. Making sure the fans got a hell of a show.

And my #1 show of the year.........

Texas Hippie Coalition at Blue Fox in Winchester VA on May 5th. This show had special meaning to me. I received my Family patch that night with my girl and Hippie Family in attendance. Granny 4 Barrel,Brand of Jules, and Kobra and The Lotus opened. Man what an awesome show. The THC guys brought the house down that night.


So there ya have it. Not as bad a read as y'all thought huh lol. Now let's finish kickin this year's ass and prepare for next year.

Wanna thank the Outlaw Queen for giving me the opportunity she has with this page. And a big ole shout out to that Lil guy The Cowboy for being the brother he is to me. And to all the people who help with the page.

Y’all it’s only gonna get better. Love you that’s Outlaw Baaaby