Interview by Kristin Welcome

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Cagney Frizzell

If you have been around Traditional Country music, then the name Frizzell is one you already know well. The name Lefty Frizzell, legendary Country and Honky-Tonk singer, and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee will immediately spring to mind; who also happened to be Cagney Frizzell’s uncle. You may also know the work of Allen Frizzell, who happens to be Cagney Frizzell’s father. Coming from a family of legends, Cagney Frizzell will tell you, he has big shoes to fill. Working on recording his album debut, for release, sometime this Fall, and touring, Cagney Frizzell is certainly busy. He took time to speak with me, and share what it was like growing up in the Frizzell family where music practice came before school work, touring at the young age of sixteen with his father, and what inspires him to write his own music today. Listening to Frizzell you quickly find, that he is one to watch. Frizzell is a natural star, with Honky-Tonk in his blood, and a flare for style, and he will certainly go far.

Frizzell shared with me insights on his musical journey, the making of his new album, and his own fashion line. To learn more about Cagney Frizzell please check out the video, for the full interview, below.