Interview by Kristin Welcome



On the heels of their latest release, “New Gods” I had a chance to sit down with Jason Decay, and talk about the formation of Cauldron, gather insights from the past twelve years of touring, and talk about what is different on the new album. Cauldron, who formed in 2006 at the break up of Ontario band, Goat Horn, features Jason Decay on vocals and bass, Ian Chains on guitar, and Myles Deck on drums.

Decay shared insights on his writing style, shared favorite tracks on the album, and delved into the personal struggles the band has faced, shaping many of the songs. From having survived a traumatic car accident in 2016, which left Ian Chains severely injured, to the loss of Decay’s father, to starting families of their own, Cauldron has faced many changes. The result is felt in “New Gods”, the fifth full-length studio album, by Cauldron. “New Gods” is Cauldron at a more mature and seasoned level than before; with lyrics more honest and poignant that they have ever written. “New Gods” inspires with the same melodic hooks that you have come to expect from the band, however delivers a brooding and sometimes dark vibe, through many of the tracks. A writing so sincere, it could have only come from the wear of life experience, on the soul of the artist. For the full interview I did with Jason Decay, and to get an inside on “New Gods” please check out the video below.