Black Tooth Grin


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Debunking the Myth behind a Black Tooth Grin

Ask any Pantera fan what goes into a Black Tooth Grin, the signature drink of Dimebag Darrell, and almost unanimously you are going to get the same answer.

                1 and ½ ounces of Crown Royal

                           1 and ½ ounces of Seagram’s 7 Whisky

     1 ½ ounces of Coca-Cola

However, for as many people who think that this was the original Black Tooth Grin recipe, the way Dimebag Darrell made it, that is incorrect, according to Geoffrey McAlister, a close friend of the Abbott brother’s. As where the drink got its name from lyrics in Megadeth’s song, “Sweating Bullets”, and as where the Abbott brothers were known for being die hard Crown Royal drinkers, Crown Royal was not originally used. Geoffrey Shared with me the original recipe, “It’s a shot of Seagram’s, chilled and then strained. Then you put enough Coke in it just to change the color a bit.” When questioned Geoffrey continued to say, “You can dose it up how you want, but the common mistake everyone thinks is that Dime put Crown in it. He hated it with Crown. (Dime thought it) made it to sweet.” Possibly the drink came to be popularized with Crown because of that reason, as a hard shot of Seagram’s 7 Whisky, with just a splash of Coke is a bit strong for the average beverage consumer. The Crown Royal does add sweetness, and makes the drink more palatable for most. However, Geoffrey McAlister can recall many late night’s drinking with the Abbott’s. When asked where he learned to make a Black Tooth Grin, Geoffrey shared, “I watched Dime and (Bobby) Tongs make many of them. They were always good friends of mine. I used to sneak them in at Medieval Times in Dallas; they would sit in my section and cheer for me. Afterwards we would go to the strip clubhouse and get “shitfaced” till the sun came up.”

                When asked how so many people have come to believe the Black Tooth Grin originally featured Crown Royal, Geoffrey stated, “the Abbott brothers were known to drink copious amounts of Crown. Vinnie designed his pool after a Crown Royal Bottle. The Jacuzzi was the cap!”

                So This weekend as you, in celebration of Dimebag Darrell’s Birthday, and in honor of his memory raise a glass, or double bubble shot glass as a toast to Dime perhaps you will skip the Crown Royal, and try it the way Geoffrey McAlister so often saw Dimebag pour it. Take a shot of Seagram’s 7 Whisky, and chill it, add just a splash of Coke, and drink to Dime if you dare. This is the way to take your Black Tooth Grin if you are a bonafide “Cowboy from Hell”.