Interview By Alon Morrison


What's up Brothers and Sisters of Outlaw Review Nation?!  Have you ever wondered what the voice behind the pen sounds like?  Here is your chance to catch the sexy smooth southern drawl that is my voice.  I bet at this point you've already clicked on the link and I'm just talking to myself.  Oh sorry you're still here!  Okay, okay, the true stars of the interview are without a doubt Dirtyfoot!  A heavy metal band from Virginia that is in your face and maybe some kids if their being a pain in the ass!

The guys were getting ready to warm up for a show the night of the interview, which I imagine is not much different than warming up for a MMA fight!  The guys are a ton of fun and it shows in the interview.  We talk influence on their music and the formation of the band and how it  started with an ill fated bus ride.  Throw in a How-To lesson of how to calm down an unruly 7 year old at a show, something we've all thought about doing at some point.  We even talk about neighbors and how much they adore us.  

Alright, alright I'm done running my mouth! I had a great time interviewing Dirtyfoot and I look forward to them putting out more music.  If your looking for some new music to spin, look no further, Dirtyfoot will have your horns up and head banging!  So go on now and clink the link.  Well go on....git!

For the full interview Alon did with Dirtyfoot, please watch this video.