Brothers and sisters of Outlaw Review Nation it is my honor to introduce you to Dischordia.  I first met Josh Fallin when he began giving drum lessons to one of my sons and guitar lesson to another, he introduced me to Josh Turner who began giving bass lessons to another son (for those who don't know I have 4 sons).  I am eternally grateful and in debt to them for the work they have done with my boys.  THANK YOU!  Being the music lover I am, I go in search of Dischordia's music to see what kind of Death Metal you get when you combine a percussionist with a music degree who plays multiple instruments, a bassist and vocalist with a music degree who teaches music in the public school system and also plays multiple instruments, and top it off with a guitarists who is in the dissertation stage of earning a Doctoral Degree.  You get the most

 incredibly tight and technical Death Metal band you've ever heard.

We discuss using a flute and other instruments that are not usually heard in Death Metal and they actually use these instruments in the live setting except for one and you have to listen to the interview to find out why.  The guys talk about plans for the future band Dischordia Jr. and how they planned it all out.  Hey y'all the Philharmonic was even brought up!

So give the guys some love go spin their music and say what's up to them on their Facebook page!  Without further ado, I give you Dischordia!  Well what are you waiting on click the link, go on.......Git Now!