I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lincoln Durham, in my opinion one of the most eloquent song writers, and most innovative musicians of our time. That’s right, I said of our time, what Durham does to me, borders somewhere between genius and madness. Durham’s lyrics arrive with the same dark poeticism, as Edgar Allen Poe, and the music brings experimentalism;  with elements of Blues, Hard Rock, and something that is uniquely Durham.  Durham spoke to me about what inspires his music, his own artistic heroes, and the fact that he is also a visual artist. Durham released his latest album, “And into the Heaven Came the Night”, in March of 2018. We chatted about the making of this album, the evolution of Durham’s music, and the fact that he self- produced the album.   It is not enough that aside from a session drummer, Durham plays every instrument, and is a one man show on stage; Durham has now evolved even further with the ability to produce his own music, as well. I inquired what might be next for this virtuoso, and for Durham one of his goals is to create a mixed media experience,  with his music, inspired by his song “Annie Departee”, a total experience of the song, with his visual art and music combined.  If you have not checked out Lincoln Durham, now is the time to do so. Lincoln Durham’s music is alive with passion, anger, and suffering in the most twisted and stunningly beautiful way. Durham is sincere, thoughtful, and all together brilliant. Check out this interview below to get to know him better.