If you are looking for a blend of Funk, Groove, Reggae, Blues, and Rock N’ Roll that will be sure to move you, look no further than Lionize. Lionize originated in Silver Springs, Maryland and grew from such inspirations as Clutch, and Fugazi. Lionize has worked so closely with Clutch that Clutch’s own J.P Gaster has played on drums for the band many times. It is no wonder that once again, they will open for Clutch on Clutch’s holiday run, kicking off on December 27, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Sharing the stage with Lionize and Clutch will be Small Upsetters, The Mike Dillon Band, and members of ex Fugazi, in their new band, The Messthetics. is extremely excited to support the show. (More to come on that event.)

Not only will Lionize get you rocking and grooving, their lyrics are intelligent, and witty, and make you think. They tackle political and social topics, and write lyrics and quips that make you consider the social climate going on around us. I had a chance to chat with Nate Bergman of Lionize, about how they came together, what inspires the music they create, and the 2019 year to come. Bergman also reflected on the European tour, and shared some highlights of what to expect on the holiday run show. If you have not checked out Lionize be sure to give them a listen, and for more from Nate check out the video link above for the full interview. Lionize is certain not to disappoint. In fact we think they kick ass.