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Lola Black released “Nothing’s Going to Be Alright” in August, of 2018; and open message to the society we live in. So much do we tell our children, do we tell ourselves “oh it’s going to be ok” and often times it is not. It might sound like a negative message, but when you hear it from Lola it’s a message about the truth. No longer are the days of sugar coating and ignoring a situation, and just hoping for the best. Lola Black implores the listener to make the change they want in “Nothing’s going to Be Alright.   The message is more like “it’s not alright, but what are you going to do about it?”

 I spoke with Lola about the new album, the CD release parties she held in Colorado to promote the album, and what inspires her to write. I spoke to Lola about becoming a musician, and being a woman in the Rock music industry. Lola and I even shared some influences growing up watching the cartoon “Jem”, and dreaming of becoming Rock stars, she made it, and I became a writer. We also loved anti-Flag, Punk Rock, and the act of pissing off our parents by the music we listened to. We talked about the spirit of DIY, and making your own Punk outfits. We shared some laughs about growing up, and we talked about what’s coming up for Lola Black. Get to know Lola Black, and check out this interview below.


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