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Growing up with parents who performed with Charlie Daniels band members, Mike Westcott was submerged in music essentially at birth. For Mike Westcott growing up in a musical family, music was everywhere, and it wasn’t until Mike Westcott was older that he realized just how special that was. It was only natural that the talent Mike grew up with inspired him to become the musician he is today. Mike Westcott, who originates out of Southern Maryland, has also played with the likes of J.P Gaster of the band Clutch, and Chris Brooks of Lionize, both of which come from the same region. Mike Westcott is well known among Gearheads ( or Clutch fans) for his ability to fuse Rock N’ Roll, Blues, and Jam band elements for a rhythmic and eclectic style. I had a chance to sit down with Mike Westcott and talk about musical influences, and what he is currently working on.

To find Mike Westcott visit: https://www.mikewestcott.com, https://www.facebook.com/pg/MikeWestcottBand