Even the name strikes you as a bit different, a bit dark, spooky, or odd. Gravehuffer. Everything you might look for from a Post-Punk, Thrash, Grindcore band, with just the right amount of Sludge. I sat down and had an interesting conversation with the band, everything from urban legends like Edward Mordrake, to Evil Knievel, to the evolution of their music. Gravehuffer originates from Joplin, MO and brings a mix of Metal and Punk styles that even most music reviewers are not sure how to label. Every single member of Gravehuffer is a true craftsman at his music; the group is comprised of James Hiser ( vocals), Mike Jilge(bass), Ritchie Randall(guitar) and Kasey Denton(drums). Below you can hear my full interview and get inside the mind of Gravehuffer.

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Also look for “Your Fault” recently released on Bluntface Records!