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Dryvr To “Immortal” and Beyond

By Kristin Welcome

                Want a dose of high energy and Hard Rock, want a soundtrack to kicking ass, and reaching your goals; look no further than Oklahoma’s own Dryvr, and their soon to be released single “Immortal.”  This would be your “Eye of The Tiger” if you were Rocky Balboa, type of song.  This will be the song that makes you remember the name Dryvr, and will hopefully be the launch point for the band on a national level.

                Vocalist Brandon Dingler, elaborated on the message behind “Immortal” by saying, “(immortal) is completely about grabbing a hold of something that you want and not taking no for an answer, and going and getting it whether it be a relationship, or in our case moving forward with music, and doing everything for our music careers; and it is more of an encouragement to everyone.  Are you going to sit and be in society or are you going to do something and be immortal, and that is where that song comes from”

                With that message in mind Dryvr hopes to release their upcoming album this Fall, of 2018 and with that take the country by storm. Dryvr plans to bring the party to a venue near you. Dryvr plans to release their single to college radio stations, and to any mainstream station who will play the track. They plan to branch out from the areas that will play their single, and bring the party to the venues in those states; so spread the word for Dryvr. Dryvr shared,

“We are partying right along with the people in front of us, I get to leave my shit at the counter for three or four hours just like everybody else who comes to the show, and it’s a relief and a release and you have some fun “in fact Dryvr wants to bring the type of Rock show where you can completely lose yourself, and feel better in the moment.

                Dryvr has been a busy touring band throughout the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas. They have played on large festival stages such as Rocklahoma, and South by Southwest. They have played with the likes of national acts such as Danzig, Soil, and Texas Hippie Coalition; and they hope to become a national act themselves. Currently they are branching out to the western part of the United States, touring with Mud Flux and building connections along the way.

They formed ironically, by drummer Mike DePetrillo’s desire to open his living room to “ meat and metal” DePetrillo said, “I was finishing a tour with a band and playing in a fill in band, and I had just gotten a grill and I called Jude and I was like, “ man how bout just metal and meat, we can play in my living room on the weekends”, and he is like, “ I got these dudes I play with”, and  I was like, “man just bring them with you”.  A couple weeks later we sounded like we could possibly play in groups, and now its five years later”

                 The band has seen a few lineup changes along the way, however the most current lineup is comprised of Brandon Dingler, vocalist, Mike DePetrillo, drummer, Robin Schmid, bassist, Jude Wanasinghe, lead guitarist, and Nathan Laird, guitarist. Dryvr was formed in 2013, with the members coming from other touring bands to form a style all their own. Dryvr blends elements of Queensryche, Pantera, and Alterbridge; Vocalist Brandon Dingler and guitarist Nathan Laird are the force behind the songwriting of Dryvr. Brandon has an established book of lyrics, and thoughts ready for sound; and Nathan creates the riffs and melodies, with the rest of the band adding in their artistic touches and music parts respectively. All together Dryvr brings a cohesive act of talented musicians, who all know their craft well. Dryvr brings you upbeat and positive songs, but Dryvr is also a hard hitting, and a feel good party band. If you have not had a chance to catch Dryvr, get out to a show. The guys in Dryvr are fun loving, and love to entertain. With the song “immortal” they plan to deliver “something special” and we agree.  With the energy Dryvr brings to a live performance, they are set for national stages. If you ask Nathan Laird the sky is the limit for Dryvr, the band is ready to play for “space stations, stars, and moon colonies”.  With “Immortal” the sky truly is the limit for Dryvr, catch a rising star, and look for tour dates near you.