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Wow, what an amazing year I have had, doing what I love. Life is too short to do anything else, and I have learned you cannot be afraid to make your voice heard. If you have a passion for something you have no choice but to follow that passion, and to be right with the universe; the rest will follow. I am still on a journey in this business, and I have big goals, for Outlawreview.com and The River Bottom Radio Show, and I am not totally sure where the path leads, but I am thankful for those who have given me their guidance, friendship, and support; in this year, and those who I will be lucky enough to take with me into the next. All of you, for there are to many to name, have shaped so much of what I have had the privilege of doing this year. For all of you I am thankful, and if not for all of you I would not be here. To all of the musicians, bands, and performers who gave me their time, their wisdom, and shared their stories; I take a bit of you everywhere I go, in those reflections and memories that you shared, and I am so very fortunate you chose to share them with me. 

                Full of piss and vinegar, and a gleam in my eye, I opened this website in July of 2018. In that time some people have come and gone in the way of contributors, and for all that have worked with me and lent me their time, ideas, and hard work, I am very thankful. I am most thankful for Alon Morrison, who has become my partner in crime, on both the website, and the radio show. Also for Bernard Dalton who has been with me since day one of this project, developing the logo you see today; before it was even an entity.

I have had the privilege to speak with so many artists, and performers this year, and to attend so many amazing live music performances, it is difficult to pick out my favorites. Depending on my mood, or when you catch me the answer might be different; all were amazing experiences to be had.

                It is always my Outlaws, like Whey Jennings, Jackson Taylor, and Thomas Gabriel who have a poignant way of opening up, and speaking so honestly about life. All of these gentlemen were troubadours and sages, and their stories stick with me as if I heard them yesterday.

                Sprout the Anti-Hero, who I am pleased to have gotten to know as a friend, is another “old soul” full of so much wisdom, and I enjoy our conversations about music and life, more and more.

                Lola Black was a pleasure to speak to. She shared laughs as we reminisced about our childhoods, and the many similarities we shared. Both of us, Punk Rock queens in our own right.

Lyle Blackburn was full of edgy and compelling stories of hunting monsters, and ghoulish Rock N’ Roll. He intrigued me most of all.

Short E. Dangerously is an amazing man, not only as a performer in Hellzapoppin Side Show Circus, but in life. His zest for life, his spirit, and ability to overcome obstacles, makes him a true Rock star and an inspiration.

And, as always a special thank you to THC, Big Dad Ritch and the boys, who have made me feel personally welcome in their camp, and who without, I would not be on this ride, in the first place.

I love so much music, and perhaps I love too much music, and to choose top albums was extremely hard. At the end of the day here are the albums, which I tried to break down by genres which impressed me some way this year.

So, as you can see I am nothing but humbled. Do not let the Outlaw Queen moniker fool you, this has been one Hell of a ride, and I am so pleased to have shared it with you. Here is to an even better 2019!!


Metal/ Hard Rock

5. Parkway Drive, “Reverence”

4. Screaming Red Mutiny, “Screaming Red Mutiny”

3. Dee Snider, “For the Love of Metal”

2. Black Label Society, “Grimmest Hits”

1. Avatar, “Avatar Country”

Honorable mention:

Judas Priest, “Fire Power”


Rock/ Blues

4. Joe Bonamassa, “British Blues Explosion Live”

3. Lucero, “Among The Ghosts”

2. Lincoln Durham, “And into the Heaven Came the Night”

1. Clutch, “Book of Bad Decisions”

Outlaw/ Roots

4. Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, “Years”

3. Thomas Gabriel, “Long Way Home”

2. Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, “Hard Times White Lines”

1. Cody Jinks, “Lifers”

Single released this year:

2. Jonathan Davis, “What it is”

1. Ray Wylie Hubbard, “Easy Money”

Favorite Shows Attended:

5. THC, Gas Monkey, Dallas Texas

4. Jackson Taylor, Boondocks Festival, Boonsboro, MD

3. Earth Rocker (Clutch) Shiley Acres, Inwood, West Virginia

2. Black Label Society, Wilmington, Delaware

1. Social Distortion with special guest Bruce Springsteen, Sea Hear Now Festival, Asbury Park, New Jersey